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    30 People Who Had Too Much Liquid Courage, Not Enough Self-Control, And Unfortunately, Their Phone

    "I was drunk when I messaged you. I'm a big fan of your beans tho."

    1. This drunk person who took waaaay too long to realize they were texting the wrong person:

    I was so drunk lastnight I was texting myself thinking it was someone else who was sending me the same texts back

    Twitter: @whtblack_

    2. This drunk person who showed their DoorDash driver some affection:

    my friend drunk texting the doordash driver i’m lmfao

    Twitter: @SHRUG_EMOTICON2
    "i love u"
    "its okay just hold on i cant wait to see u"

    3. This drunk person who took a leap of faith:

    "It''s Kevin actually!"

    4. This drunk person who put their heart on the line and tried to undo it the next day:

    Delete 4 For Me

    5. This drunk person who was REALLY hungry:

    drunk meg really needed taco bell last night because i woke up to this text i sent my uber driver

    Twitter: @megsidbury

    6. This drunk person whose explanation made no sense:

    was rereading my drunk texts from last night and i... i just don’t understand

    Twitter: @RAVETAYTAY

    7. This drunk person who called out of work with a totally solid excuse:

    forgot to tell work I couldn't come in today so I decided to tell them last night when I was drunk :) this is the text I thought was good :)

    Twitter: @_t4w4_m4ccers

    8. This drunk person who stood their ground:

    nobody does drunk texts like i do drunk texts

    Twitter: @carlymoore_
    "so fuck u"

    9. This drunk person who kept in touch with an Uber driver:

    i checked my texts and ive been drunk texting one of my recent uber drivers

    Twitter: @dubstep4dads

    10. This drunk person who confused the hell out of their drug dealer:

    i’ve been drunk before but never that drunk that i’ve text a drug dealer thinking it was my boyfriend

    Twitter: @laramichellex
    "Whats up babe"
    "U 2 cute to b runnin man dwn it should b the other way round"

    11. This drunk person who had a late-night epiphany:

    A text where someone says, "It's not until now when I'm hella drunk that I realized you're not what I'm looking for, you're the kid who had to ask what a yeast infection was in 8th grade"

    12. This drunk person who was checking up on their loved one:

    Drunk texts from Derrick never fail

    Twitter: @kayleenarick

    13. This drunk person who missed their dog:

    "Send pics of the dog and no one gets hurt"

    14. This drunk person who forgot where they lived:

    A text where one says, "I called a taxi to take me home" and the reply is, "Dude, the party was at your house"

    15. This drunk person who wished their dad a happy birthday:

    What happens when I drunk text my dad

    Twitter: @lgoldss

    16. This drunk person who sent this random photo:

    Carchia Marco / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @katie_c26

    17. This drunk person who had a great movie streaming hack:

    Twitter: @toreeehhh

    18. This drunk person who had an amazing idea:

    "Million dollar idea: grand theft auto but with horses sand stage coach in the 1800s"

    19. This drunk person who responded to an automated messaging system:

    When companies text me when I’m drunk

    Twitter: @NuBletRokai

    20. This drunk person who was confused about what they were celebrating:

    Don’t drunk text your mom on New Years..... she just told me about this 💀

    Twitter: @keeleeloo
    A text where one wishes their child a happy new year and the child responds with "Happy Birthday!"

    21. This drunk person who was simply just grateful:

    I drunk texted Miller Lite lmfao

    Twitter: @sad_chip4
    Someone's DMs to Miller Lite which are just photos of themself chugging two Miller Lites at once

    22. This drunk person who had a serious craving:

    My sister is drunk texting me demanding I make a blueberry cheesecake pie …. I’m so scared but also this is my Chopped ™️ moment

    Twitter: @sydrempp
    "We are almost home"

    23. This drunk person who was feeling nostalgic:

    Twitter: @TheCaptainCourt
    A text thread where one asks, "Do you remember Patar?" which a picture of caveman Patrick from an episode of "SpongeBob"

    24. This drunk person who was very opinionated about babies:

    "I hVe to take birth control cuz babies"

    25. This drunk person who went to a strip club...I think?:

    Don’t text ur friends while drunk lmfao

    Twitter: @lovejamieleeb
    "I sent to a stretch club"

    26. This drunk person who was very ~poetic~:

    "haikus are very hard but i am so awesome that i write them now 5/7/5 nailed it"

    27. This drunk person who suddenly got very vulnerable:

    It's all fun and games until you get so drunk that you drunk text your dad instead of your roommate

    Twitter: @campbelllken
    A text where someone says to their dad, "I'm drunk and eating your cheese, but it's all I have left, so I think I'm crying eating the cheese" and then a text that saying "Sorry, i meant to send that to dan"

    28. This drunk parent who wanted constant updates from their child:

    My mom is drunk.. This is annoying af.😒

    Twitter: @Musgrove_21
    A mom's text saying, "r u ok"  and the response saying "yes mom" and immediately another text from the mom saying, "r u ok now"

    29. This drunk person who shared a ~fun~ party idea:

    I have no recollection of this but apparently I drunk texted my mom, best friend, and stepfather last night to say we need to watch Titanic

    Twitter: @highwayromantic
    A family group text where someone suggests thy are way overdue for a "Titanic" viewing party

    30. And this drunk person who wasn't afraid to ask questions:

    Twitter: @jordan_mort
    "Oh dear"