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    I Seriously Can’t Stop Laughing At These Extremely Unfortunate Fails From 2022

    New fear unlocked: the gas pedal snapping off while I'm driving.

    1. This person who came home and did not find their kitchen the same way they left it:

    kitchen ceiling on the floor

    2. This person whose day just kept getting worse and worse:

    garbage bags full of the apartment items

    3. This person whose room was blocked by angry sea lions:

    sea lions covering the sidewalk and entrance to the villas

    4. This person whose gas pedal broke WHILE they were driving:

    gas petal broken off and on the car floor

    5. This person who found their car like this one morning:

    tires removed from the car

    6. This person who dropped their ravioli taking it out of the microwave:

    ravioli spilled all over the room

    7. This person who fell through their bathroom ceiling:

    huge hole in the bathroom ceiling

    8. This person who sold their iPad and realized when it was far too late that the money was counterfeit:

    the fake money

    9. This person who bought fried chicken at the airport that was so moist, it ripped through the bag while they were boarding:

    chicken on the floor

    10. This person whose car was behind a truck that was carrying paint, which then fell off the truck:

    jeep completely covered in paint

    11. This person whose watch overheated while they fell asleep:

    burn mark on the wrist where the watch was

    12. This person who bought their kid a PS5 for their birthday that someone switched out with a rock:

    a large brick inside the PS5 packaging

    13. This person who won a prize...which was nothing:

    "you've won an unpaid time off"

    14. This person whose landscapers cut their plastic plant:

    cut plastic pant

    15. This person whose washing machine completely busted out of nowhere:

    the glass shattered

    16. This person whose pot of beans exploded:

    glass and beans all over the stove

    17. This person whose new shorts were ruined because they accidentally sat on a chair that had Clorox on it:

    bleached stain on the seat of the shorts

    18. This person who should get their money back for this "waterproof" phone pouch:

    phone pouch filled with water

    19. And this person who was unexpectedly brutalized at the grocery store:

    the dirty water on the floor of the grocery aisle