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    17 Really, Really Funny Tumblr Posts About Twitter Dying

    "Asking if keysmashes are a thing on tumblr is like walking into ancient Greece and asking if they know what tragedies are." —ashelyskies

    1. So, as you probably know, Elon Musk bought Twitter, a bunch of stuff happened, and now everyone thinks the app is going to die. And as you can see in this post, Tumblr users are assuming that Twitter users are going to come running back to Tumblr if the site does indeed get shut down.

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    2. Tumblr — like, the actual company — is assuming this as well, and they put out a long list of reasons to join Tumblr recently. It was hilarious and slightly shady.

    Reason to Join Tumblr #10: We have an edit button (and it’s free)

    Twitter: @tumblr

    3. They also tweeted this:

    Twitter: @tumblr

    4. And responded to a short outage with this:

    hold up like 12 new ppl joined. we're working on it. give it a sec :)

    Twitter: @tumblr

    5. But Tumblr users themselves are being a little less welcoming overall, and it's absolutely hilarious. Here's a post about how both TikTok and Twitter users are confused by Tumblr:

    Spoiler: That's not really the official Firefox company's Tumblr.

    6. This post is a perfect welcome to anyone unfamiliar with Tumblr, honestly:

    7. This tweet is just chef's kiss dot jpeg:

    8. Tumblr users have been "turning up the cringe" in order to scare off newcomers, and it appears to be working:

    Yeah imma just have to go down with the ship this ain’t it.

    Twitter: @FTate05

    9. Tumblr tried to get everyone to chill, but to no avail:

    10. After all, when the average Tumblr ask is like this, how much damage control can you do?

    11. Tumblr also started allowing nudity again, and people gave a big ol' "hmmm" to the timing of it:

    12. See, the thing is, people have thought Tumblr was dead for years:

    13. So Tumblr users have just been minding their own business in relative peace and quiet:

    14. But now...

    15. Now, things might start looking different, if the Great Cringe Defense of 2022 doesn't work:

    16. And so here Tumblr users are, having to explain the basics so new users don't look like bots:

    17. But if all else fails, there's always one last refuge to retreat to: