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    17 Petty And Unhinged Neighbors That Are Absolutely The Sole Source Of Their Neighborhood Drama

    I genuinely cannot imagine unironically sending someone a letter that starts with, "CONGRATULATIONS! You mowed."

    Some people love drama so much, they'll start it just about anywhere, over just about anything. And sometimes, you have the misfortune of buying a house or renting an apartment right next to them without even realizing it...until it's too late.

    Here are 17 petty, chaotic neighbors who would make me pack up my bags and hightail it out of the neighborhood, stat:

    1. This neighbor, who left a long-winded note calling their new neighbor's house "trashy" because they have *checks notes* a swing set in the front yard and are waiting for their old couch to be picked up:

    It reads, "Dear new neighbor, We have all lived in this neighborhood (for most of us) over 20 years. We all have meetings and talk to each other. We are happy [you're] here, but you already look like you don't care what your yard looks like. Swing sets belong in the backyard, and PLEASE remove that eyesore of a couch off the curb. Our neighborhood does not need to look like a trailer park. [We're] not sure where you moved from, but we are certain there were dumpsters on the way that you could have dumped the couch [in]. It looks trashy already! Please be considerate of us who keep our yards trash-free. Remove the couch! This is not a junkyard."

    2. This poor sport of a neighbor who hates fun, I guess:

    3. This petty neighbor who should not be a dog owner, TBH:

    4. This neighbor, who accidentally got someone else's package, used the contents of it, AND tried to sell the leftovers back to the person who bought it in the first place:

    The note reads, "Hi, I'm Sam, I live down the street. A few weeks ago, we got some landscaping fabric delivered to us by accident. We have one roll left if you are interested in buying it. We are selling it, but if you wanted to trade something for it, we could work something out. Its members mark brand 4' by 225'. Text me if you're interested."

    5. This nosy neighbor who saw their neighbor's new fence, laughed, and ordered a security camera so they could still see into their yard:

    6. These 14 neighbors who threatened legal action simply because their neighbor had fake plants on their front porch:

    Here's what the letter says:

    "It has come to our attention to our residents of [redacted] that the potted plants outside of your porch are not real and decoration. This will reflect extremely poorly to our houses and other [constituencies] in the area who have real plants who might wish to sell [their] homes one day, and [have] buyers running away when they [see] your plants. Earlier this week, myself and 14 other neighbors (including the state environment official) have held a group meeting to discuss the appropriate action necessary to solve this issue."

    "As of this writing, we have decided to grant to you 2 days to remove the selected plants from your porch. IF you [choose] to not correspond, there might be an official action taken that will include the police [being] called to write [a] lawsuit, or the flower[s] being removed and discarded of quite immediately. You must within 2 days minimum. 

    Note: We have [chosen] to make this letter anonymous to protect our legal right[s] and to grant you the same legal opportunities."

    7. This neighbor and their friend who apparently assumed these cars would simply teleport over theirs to get out in the morning:

    8. This neighbor who said, "No parking AND no mail for you, bye!":

    9. This landlord-turned-neighbor who kicked an older woman out of her unit AND asked his tenant/neighbor for their Wi-Fi password so he didn't have to buy his own:

    10. This person who tried to gaslight their new neighbor into not parking in their assigned parking spot, because they used to park there and didn't like being inconvenienced:

    Redditor u/binxbox, who shared this photo, explained, "We recently moved to a new apartment complex and have out of state license plates. Another person had been parking in the assigned, covered spot we were given. We checked with the office, and they said it was the spot for our apartment and the person had probably been parking there since it had been empty for a bit. They said we didn’t have to worry about being towed. I figured it was a person who was the second car in their apartment. My suspicion seems to be confirmed as three weeks later, this person hasn’t parked in any other covered spot."

    11. This new neighbor who moved in with their girlfriend and got a nice little welcome note:

    It reads, "You don't live here. Visitor[s] park [in the] back row out of respect for people that pay rent."

    12. This passive-aggressive neighbor who sent this condescending, anonymous letter IN THE MAIL instead of walking a couple doors down or, I don't know, TALKING:

    It reads, "CONGRATULATIONS! You mowed. That's twice so far this year, I believe. Can you keep it up? Maybe weekly? Or at least every other week? Your neighbors would be very grateful if your house did not look like it was abandoned."

    Redditor u/mahelke, who shared the note, explained, "I haven’t been able to care for my yard as much as I would like over the past few months because we had our second child back in February, and I’ve been single-handedly caring for the newborn and our 5-year-old while my wife has been in the hospital recovering from postpartum complications. At no point has my yard been out of compliance with city or HOA ordinances, and at no point has anyone bothered to approach me directly about the matter. Instead, we just received this anonymous passive-aggressive letter in the mail. They even postmarked it and sent it through the mail, rather than walking a few doors down and speaking to me like a human being."

    13. This neighbor, who — for some reason — purchased the brightest lights possible and keeps them on all night long, even though they shine riiiight into their neighbor's bedroom:

    Bright lights

    14. This neighbor who wrote all over the windows of this person's car and threatened to tow them, all for parking in their UNRESERVED parking spot:

    A car with "Don't park" writing all over it

    15. This neighbor who either loved or hated this person's doormat so much, she just straight up stole it from their front door:

    Someone stealing someone else's door mat

    16. This nosy neighbor who should probably get a job of her own, TBH:

    17. And finally, this person, who complained to the city that they could see their neighbor's trashcan across the street (and that neighbor's equally petty response):

    A "Fixed" box covering a trashcan

    Have you had a petty neighbor like these? Tell us about them (or drop the receipts!) in the comments below.

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