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    22 Times Restaurants Thought They Were Soooo Clever (Spoiler Alert: They Were Not)

    The thought of some poor employee spending their shift washing treasure chests to serve food on does not sit right with me.

    1. This bowl with holes that could maybe be used to serve some things, but certainly not whatever this is*:

    *I'm genuinely curious, do we think this is a salad? A bowl? My brain will not rest until I know.

    2. This tasty treat that is inexplicably served in a drawer that's certainly seen better days:

    3. This dessert served on a flip flop that I genuinely can't be certain wasn't on someone's foot at some point:

    4. These lamb chops that didn't come with potatoes, but did come with a mirror:

    5. This spaghetti served in a beer mug that makes me wanna spaget as far away from this establishment as I can:

    6. These tapas served in a treasure box that didn't need to be that extra, tbh:

    7. This pork served in a shovel that's making it look a little (a lot) like poop:

    8. These appetizers served on a rolling pin for reasons I cannot even begin to comprehend:

    9. This restaurant that realized what customers really want is to watch themselves shovel food into their mouths:

    10. This sushi served on a skateboard that's inevitably 10 seconds away from roll-ing on the floor or onto somebody's lap:

    11. These fried green beans served in a shoe that make me wanna run far, far away:

    12. This risotto served in half a wine bottle that isn't quite giving *fancy* as much as it's giving *brains served in whatever we could find because we're in a zombie apocalypse*:

    13. This meal presentation that includes a slate, a wine glass, AND a shot glass, but no plate:

    14. This drink served in a...coin purse (???) that instantly made me feel so hydrated I never need to drink anything again, especially not from this place:

    15. This grilled cheese presentation that definitely answers the question, "Should we hang grilled cheese sideways?" (Spoiler alert: We should not.):

    16. This curry that hasn't been touched yet, but is already one wrong move away from being all over this person's lap:

    17. This fresh seafood sampler served in the tastiest of rusty boxes:

    18. This restaurant that decided to purse-ue some new alternatives and flew a little too close to the sun:

    19. This sandwich that is inexplicably served in a colander — an item that is used in no part of the sandwich-making process:

    20. This "salad" served with hanging anchovies that, I'm gonna be honest, don't make them look super appetizing:

    21. This sushi that's ever so carefully laid on top of *checks notes* a ceramic severed hand?:

    22. And finally, this restaurant, who took it literally when someone said the salad was so good, they were shoveling it in their mouth:

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