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    17 Husbands And Wives Who Ribbed Each Other So Good, I Don't Know Who Did It Better

    If their spouses knew how good they were at trolling, they might have said, 'I don't.'"

    1. This spouse, who got their husband a new coffee maker for his birthday, complete with a hilarious TV joke:

    Meg coffee maker with "Family Guy" sticker saying "shut up"

    2. This partner, who "yaaasified" their partner's tattoo:

    side-by-side tattoos of a bald man and a bald man that has been touched up with lipstick and eyelashes

    3. This spouse, whose wife was having trouble picking out a birthday gift for them, so they made her this handy flow chart:

    a flow chart for choosing a birthday gift

    4. This husband, who bought this curiously shaped tomato just to show his wife:

    a tomato shaped like male genitalia

    5. This husband, who got upset with his spouse, so he built this bear-icade between them:

    two bear plushes stacked on top of each other on a couch

    6. This wife, who left her spouse this hilariously detailed guide to feeding their child:

    kids plates with handwritten notes for what food to serve on them

    7. This husband, who offered his wife the "D," and she wasn't at all amused:

    hand offering out a big foam letter "D" to a woman

    8. This wife, who left her husband this inspirational message over the toilet in their bathroom:

    handwritten sign saying "Aim. Better. Please! Thank you!"

    9. And this husband, who discovered that his wife and her family were still using his Amazon Prime account during their divorce, so he renamed their profiles like so:

    Amazon Prime Video profiles named to say "sign the papers"

    10. This husband, whose wife accidentally packed one of his earbuds on a trip she took, and he texted her this photo:

    screenshot of earpod tracker showing one in Australia and one in the US

    11. This husband, whose wife asked him for a pot filler, and he gave her this:

    a sink faucet being stretched over to hang over a pot

    12. This spouse, who decided to prank their wife Looney Tunes style:

    a cartoon nuclear bomb balanced on top of an ajar door

    13. This spouse, whose wife insisted they put up their Christmas decorations early, so they did this while she was at work:

    a Christmas tree next to Santa Krampus

    14. This wife, whose spouse asked her to send them a photo of a firework that describes their sex life, and she sent back this:

    a stack of fireworks named "3 Minute Mayhem"

    15. This spouse, whose wife broke her ankle in three places while playing pickleball, so her spouse decorated for Halloween like this:

    a skeleton decoration holding a pickleball hung over a couch where a person with a leg injury is sitting

    16. This spouse, who put these flyers up all over town for their wife's birthday:

    a flyer on a road sign advertising a person's 40th birthday

    17. And lastly, this spouse, who slipped this not-so-subliminal message into their wife's latte:

    a latte with "sex" inscribed in the foam