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17 Screenshots Of People Who Knew EXACTLY What They Were Doing

"Oh, they knew..." —All of us.

1. This hotel signmaker who knows what's up:

smoking signs on room numbers except 420 and 422

2. The artist who designed this sugar packet that looks questionable...

lewd sugar packet illustration

...but is actually very innocent and 100% not what you thought it was:

illustration held up correctly showing a lady holding a spirit

3. The dad who made this side-eye swap-out:

a dad gave his adult kid back a bottle of vodka that his kid had stolen when they were 16 and he'd replaced with water

4. The designer who put this guy on this weight in JUST the right position...

a person holding a dumbbell right where their crotch is

...or wrong, depending on how you look at it:

looks like the illustrated guy has an erection when you put the weight on

5. This sign designer who 100% knew what they were doing:

McDonald's sign that reads, "My ass open 6 am"

6. This person who decided to draw something ~fishy~...

a penis illustration

...that turned out to be just "a lobster":

it's actually a lobster when it comes in fully

7. This sneaky signmaker who really did that:

Simply Swank sign that says "Simply wank" because it just has one 'S' for both words

8. The grocery store clerk who had some fun with this label-maker:

a price tag right over the word "pick" to make it look like the f-word

9. And the employee who had a lot of fun when placing this label:

a price tag on a mug so it reads, "My ass is reduced for quick sale $2"

10. The employee who put a "used" label in juuuust the right spot:

a "used" sticker covering part of the word "analysis" so it looks like "anal"

11. The copywriter who chose to write, "Bring your bush to life..." for this vibrating piece of decor:

a Halloween decoration to put in a bush

12. This sign designer who said, "Yup, that'll do":

a sign that says welcome to the clit

13. This butcher who you KNOW had a good ol' laugh about this:

meatballs and sausage that look like genitalia

14. The employee who made this sign and then said, "Sorry, I just couldn't resist."

a sign that says, "Nice! 69 cents"

15. The city planner who managed to sneak in this questionable design:

a city design that looks like a penis

16. The store owner who made this cheeky sign:

a sign that says, "Please do not grab your own balls, we will grab them for you"

17. And finally, the person who placed these gift cards...

two gift cards stacked together that make it look like someone holding boobs just the right (or wrong)...


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