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    17 Anti-Vaxxer Posts That Catapulted Me Back To 2020 In The Worst Way Possible

    These people are a danger to society, in more ways than one.

    1. This person who was rightfully obliterated on Twitter:

    "I let my kids play in traffic and they haven't been killed yet."

    2. This person who risked their child's life because they were scared of getting him a tetanus shot:

    "Keep clean with hydrogen peroxide and you should be good"

    3. This person who doesn't seem to understand what a vaccine even is:

    "No thanks, I don't need a vaccine for a virus I aint got"

    4. This person who's making wild assumptions about the cause of their uncle's death:

    "Sorry about your uncle"

    5. This person who's really referring to unvaccinated people as "pure bloods":

    The correct term is pure blood"

    6. This person who seems to think some major disaster has taken place as a result of the COVID vaccine:

    "Some of us tried to warn you guys, and all you guys did was laugh and scorn."

    7. This person who tried to blame Leslie Jordan's death on the COVID vaccine:

    "Did he have a booster or the new booster/flu shot?"

    8. This MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL who's spewing nonsense on Twitter:

    "I remember drawing blood on my patient's when the first jab was given. It was so thick and black."

    9. This person who's spreading ridiculous misinformation that vaccinated people "shed" the COVID virus:

    "even Pfizer states that shedding is real"

    10. This person, too:

    "shedding spike proteins"

    11. This person who's struggling to read between the lines:

    "Any suggestions for precautions I can take to protect her would be very much appreciated."

    12. This person who's already trying to marry off their unvaccinated grandchildren (to other unvaccinated people):

    "We have 2 beautiful pure blood granddaughters..."

    13. This person who has a completely warped sense of reality:

    "I let my local grocer no why I was shopping their today and he gave me a knowing smile..."

    14. This person who doesn't even know what the Mayo Clinic is:

    "The Mayo clicic must be so credible considering I've never heard of it."

    15. This person who should probably write horror movies, instead of trying to "educate" people:

    "Why are some people seeing demonic entities after the vaccine?"

    16. This person who's REALLY reading into people being tired:

    "Also, taking conversations too literally. Also 'flat affect.'"

    17. And finally, this person who had the audacity to even make this graph:

    "Which human being 'may have' killed more people?"

    H/T: r/vaxxhappened