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    If You Didn't Already Believe In The Undead, These 18 Haunted Photos Will Change Your Mind

    Something wicked this way comes. Stay back! Back, I say!

    1. The flies:

    Flies on a window

    2. The backyard:

    A body-sized hole in the ground

    3. The Appalachian house:

    A house in the woods

    4. The blob:

    A blob on the wall

    5. The birds:

    Birds swarming a house

    6. The slingy thing:

    A large slinky in the air

    7. The doll:

    A doll on the ground

    8. The handprint:

    A handprint on a window screen

    9. The statue:

    A statue

    10. The door:

    A door with scratches on it

    11. The creature:

    A creature under a house

    12. The light:

    A light on in a window

    13. The well:

    A well

    14. The basement:

    A basement with dolls hanging everywhere

    15. The toilet:

    A toilet in a basement

    16. The face:

    A face partially buried in the ground

    17. The other face:

    A face in an old toilet

    18. And finally, the grave:

    A grave in the backyard

    H/T: r/oddlyterrifying