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Okay, My Dumb Little Brain Is Totally Blown After Seeing These 23 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The First Time Last Week

Wow, every single one of these is truly amazing.

1. Just last week the world population surpassed 8 billion humans. 8 BILLION!

Screenshot of the world's population

2. This, wicker chairs and all, is what the interior of a plane looked like in 1925:

Interior of a plane

3. This absolute unit is the largest bird to have ever existed, Argentavis magnificens:

A man standing in front of a giant bird

4. And, just for good measure, this is the world's smallest bird, the bee hummingbird:

A bee hummingbird

5. This is the Queensland Stinger, one of the world's most dangerous plants:

Queensland Stinger

Here's a closer look:

Queensland Stinger

6. This is Margaret Gorman, the woman who won the very first Miss America competition in 1921:

Closeup of Margaret Gorman

7. They sell red solo cups as "American party cups" in New Zealand:

American party cups

8. UPS drivers have special UPS socks as part of their uniform:

Closeup of a UPS driver's socks

9. This is the world's oldest surviving photograph, taken by Nicéphore Niépce in 1827:

"View from the Window at Le Gras" by Nicéphore Niépce

10. Here's what the original, un-enhanced world's oldest picture looks like today:

An old photo in a frame

11. Every single letter in the alphabet appears in a least one US state...except for the letter Q:

The United States of America

12. This is Maud Wagner, who is widely believed to be the first female professional tattoo artist in the US:

Closeup of Maud Wagner

13. Baby zebras are born with brown stripes before they eventually turn black:

A baby zebra next to its parent

14. This boat know as "Boomin' Beaver" is apparently the smallest ship in the US Navy:

Boomin' Beaver

15. This is a screenshot of the Silk Road, the infamous black market on the dark web, before it was taken down:

Silk Road website

16. This is what the Eiffel Tower looked like as it was being built:

17. This is a picture from Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration in 1865. Can you spot him?

Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration

18. Speaking of Lincoln, this man, Valentine Tapley, vowed in 1860 to never cut his beard again if Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Here's him in 1896:

Closeup of Valentine Tapley

19. And, again, just for good measure, here's Hans N. Langseth, winner of the world's longest beard competition in 1922:

Hans N. Langseth

20. This is what your sinuses look like:

A model of human sinuses

21. These are the real-life outfits doctors would wear to treat plague patients in the 1600s:

22. Sometimes, a door is so clear you need to put a sticker on it so people don't bump their little noggin on it:

"The sole purpose of this sticker is to prevent people from walking into this glass door."

23. And, lastly, uh, apparently, some people can do this:

Someone bending their toes back