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My Dumb Little Brain Is Totally Blown After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time Last Week

I honestly had no clue about any of these.

1. This painting by Leonardo da Vinci is the most expensive painting ever sold:

Salvator Mundi painting

2. This is what a license plate from Antarctica looks like:

Antarctica license plate

3. This is Rumeysa Gelgi, the world's tallest woman:

Rumeysa Gelgi

4. Kids used to play on playgrounds that were unfathomably dangerous:

An old playground

5. This is Ham the chimpanzee, the first ape launched into space:

Ham the chimpanzee

6. This is Maurice Tillet, a wrestler who some say the beloved character Shrek was based on:

Maurice Tillet

7. This is a wax sculpture of Thomas Wedders, the man whose 7-and-a-half-inch nose was apparently the largest nose in history:

Sculpture of Thomas Wedders

8. Here's a list of every named generation going back to the 1400s:

Generations list

9. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station can and do vote, and they even have a little voting booth aboard they go into:

an astronaut in front of a voting booth in space

10. Human touch really does a doozy on any and every kind of surface:

A diagram showing how touching affects different surfaces

11. This is how much every act performing at Woodstock in 1969 was paid:

The bands who played at Woodstock and their respective compensations

12. Before he was James Bond, Sean Connery competed in the Mr. Universe pageant in 1953:

13. This is how big the engines on the Saturn V rocket that sent astronauts to the Moon were compared to engineer Wernher von Braun:

Saturn V rocket engines

14. This rock formation, located in Finland, is known as Kummakivi. It's apparently been balancing like this for 12,000 years:

Kummakivi rock formation

15. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, some churches handed out little self-serve communion kits:

A self-serve communion kit

16. This is just a small sample of what researchers found in King Tut's tomb after discovering it in 1922:

King Tut's artifacts

17. This picture straight out of Harold Potter is of the former Cincinnati Public Library, built in 1874 and demolished in 1955:

The old Cincinnati Public Library

18. This is what the head of an ant looks like super, super close up:

Closeup of the head of an ant

19. This thing here is a sculpture of a cucumber from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom:

Sculpture of a cucumber

20. This is the letter former Duke basketball coach, Coach K, sent Michael Jordan upon learning he was going to the University of North Carolina:

Letter from "Coach K"

21. Before alarm clocks, people known as Knocker-Ups would get paid to go around in the early hours of the morning and bang on windows to wake people up:

22. And finally...

Your brain automatically translates wtf but not lol