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    Women Are Sharing Disappointing Things That Women Sometimes Do To Each Other, And It's Thought-Provoking

    "This one girl kept touching my partner, telling him how he must work out a lot, and how strong he looked. I think she mostly did it to get a rise out of me."

    I recently stumbled upon this Reddit thread where u/Big-Contact-4204 asked the question, "Women of Reddit, what is something that annoys you about other women?" The thread had a lot of thought-provoking responses — some of which I agreed with. Here is what some people had to say.

    a girl saying, "you can't sit with us"

    1. "Instagram moms. Please stop pretending you’re the mother of the year. We see you screaming at your children while you’re trying to take the perfect photo."

    a hand taking a photo of a baby

    2. "Grown women who still act like they’re in the popular mean girl group at high school. And the ones who need to talk shit about absolutely everything and everyone. Like, you’re really letting your insecurity shine through there."


    3. "Gatekeeping clothing. I’m not about to copy your entire outfit piece by piece. Homegirl, I like your shirt, and I want to know where it’s from to see if they have other shit I like."

    a girl making a icky face

    4. "Getting blood on the toilet seat and not cleaning it up."


    5. "I've seen women who do that 'prove you love me' thing to other women, by misbehaving and then having a big breakdown because they NEED their best friend, forcing the friend to forgive them and express affection even though they were being a total brat. That shit is annoying, but I assume it is from childhood issues too."

    a girl saying, "i'm such a good friend"

    6. "Older and more experienced women give the younger women they work with a hard time because they had it so much worse because they went through it, too. Like, I’m glad I wasn’t in the professional world in the '80s and '90s, but it’s so wrong of them to just keep the bullshit going."


    7. "Putting down other women in the hope that it will make them more attractive to guys."

    a woman raising her eyebrows at someone

    8. "When a woman assumes that, as a fellow woman, I need to automatically agree and support her. I will absolutely listen, but in no way will I just agree with you because of some unsaid sisterhood you believe in. Women can be shitty people too, and I'm not cosigning it."


    9. "Trying to talk other women into having negative emotions. 'Aren't you scared?! You must be scared. I wouldn't let my daughter do that.'"


    10. "So tired of ultra-filtered pics too. Are you aging in reverse? Even worse, when you don't even recognize them."


    11. "How indirect they can be. Like, just fucking talk to me if you have a problem or if you think I have a problem with you. No need to be passive-aggressive or talk to other people about shit."

    a woman yelling at another person

    12. "The way they treat OTHER MOTHERS. Mothers can be some of the most vicious people I’ve ever seen on social media. I once had a client who was in a postpartum depression saying she felt listless. She asked for help in a social media group, and the vast majority said she needs her kids taken away from her and that she's a terrible mom. So I decided to see if this was a one-time type of response. I scrolled through too many mommy groups, and holy shit, moms can be assholes to other moms. 'You let them cry too long? That's neglect. Do you pick them up after a single tear? Terrible mom building a narcissistic kid.'"


    13. "Flirting with another woman’s partner in front of them. I feel like a lot of men don’t cross that line when a girl is obviously with another guy, but this one girl kept touching my partner telling him how he must work out a lot, and how strong he looked. I think she mostly did it to get a rise out of me. But still annoying and definitely not a one-time occurrence."

    a little girl looking mad

    14. "I hate when women are in a clique and one of them won't hang out because the rest of them don't want to go wherever it is you invited them to. Like if I threw a party and invited them, they would only show up if ALL or most of them were going. Grown-ass women doing this stuff. Cringe."


    15. "Fake baby voice around men."


    16. "It's certain women — not most or even many — who let other people do everything for them, as in helpless grown women. You're an adult; I'm not your mommy, and you can learn if you want to."

    a girl rolling her eyes looking annoyed

    17. "Lack of compassion for other women and their own daughters. Women who think the objective for equality is to be as cruel and greedy as high-ranking men. 'Badass' to disguise just mean and selfish. Can you be strong and kind?"


    18. "The ones with kids who are like, 'You don't know what a lack of sleep is like until you have FOUR KIDS.'"

    a woman yelling at another woman

    19. "Women that have to have a man at all times, have no idea how to do anything for themselves or pay their own way."


    20. "The cliques. Anyone outside of that clique is treated like dirt and/or doesn’t exist. Mum groups are great at that."


    Is there anything specific that women do that bothers you?

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.