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    "So Much Better And More Convenient": 22 Items That Are Considerably Inexpensive But Are Total Game-Changers

    "It's saved me from being late countless times."

    The other day, I was reading through this Reddit thread where u/ManonastickUk asked, "What life-changing purchase can you make with less than $100?" and the responses in the thread were filled with so many great suggestions.

    Close up of a female hand paying with a credit card on a cashier machine

    Here are some of them.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity

    1. "AirTag in the luggage. Those airports won’t get me again."


    luggage on conveyor belt at an airport

    2. "A Squatty Potty. It's, like, $25."


    3. "Electric toothbrush. I’ll never go back to a manual one."


    "And a Waterpik water flosser. Wish I had used one as a teen."


    4. "Premium pillows. At Bed Bath & Beyond, they have a line of pillows called 'Indulgence.' Amazing. Had ours for about 2.5-3 years. I think they were $99 for the king size; the smaller the size, the cheaper."

    pillows on a bed

    5. "My mom has had hip pain for the last 14 years. Constant pain every single day. The doctor just found out she has one leg shorter than the other, and she bought some shoe lifts for $60. So, yeah, if you have one leg shorter, shoe lifts are life-changing."


    6. "If you cook at home a lot — one good knife can be life-changing."


    wendy williams making a coy face

    7. "A tracker for my keys, like Tile. This has saved me from being late countless times."


    8. "As someone who has problems falling asleep, seriously…a pink noise generator. I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but for me, it works a thousand times better than a white noise generator. I didn’t realize that it worked so well until one day I forgot to turn it on and was staring into the void for hours unable to fall asleep. Best $20 I ever spent."


    9. "A programmable coffee machine that saves a lot of time in the mornings, plus the bonus of waking up with the smell of coffee. Best $90 spent."

    hands pouring coffee into a mug

    10. "A rice cooker. There are a lot of dumb kitchen gadgets I have that just take up space most of the year, but my rice cooker is not one of them. So much better and more convenient than cooking manually on the stovetop."


    11. "I spent $70 on one of the deep tissue muscle massage guns. Lifesaver. Relieves so much hip and back pain."


    12. "Meat thermometer. Imagine knowing the exact temperature of your food. Blew my mind. Perfect chicken and steaks every time. Even checks your nuggies to see if they are still frozen inside."

    two women saying, "yes!!"

    13. "Magic Bullet blender. I’m a frozen drink fanatic, and it blends ice absolutely perfectly for frozen coffee. Two shots of cold brew, then whatever milk, creamer, or whatever else you want, and ice. Blend it and you’ve got a frozen coffee for $1-ish."


    14. "A good handheld vacuum. Makes crumbs and small messes a lot less inconvenient."


    15. "An eye mask when I sleep. I don’t wake up throughout the night anymore!"

    a woman sleeping with an eye mask on

    16. "Menstrual cup. Total game-changer. Made 25% of my time on earth stop sucking."


    17. "TSA pre-check. Best $85 I’ve ever spent."


    18. "Ebook reader. I used to lug books around when I was traveling, so having an ebook reader made a huge difference."

    two hands holding an ebook reader

    19. "Tongue scraper. Brushing is half the battle. Brushing the tongue is ineffective even with the bumpy backside of a toothbrush."


    20. "I bought a window cleaning kit with the squeegees, and oh my god, goodbye smears! I bloody love that thing."

    a squeegee on a window

    21. "A shoe horn. I have one that I don’t even have to bend down and my feet slip into any pair. I think it was, like, $8."


    22. "My wife bought us some little alarms that sound if they come in contact with water. They are to detect leaks under sinks, water heaters, etc. When we were in our previous house, which was fairly old, the alarms let us catch leaks immediately and saved us from having to make repairs. Now, my wife gives them as housewarming gifts."


    Have you made an under $100 purchase that was a total game-changer? Share it with me in the comments below!