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16 Of The Juciest Thanksgiving Mishaps, Arguments, And Scandals People Have Had The Displeasure Of Experiencing

"My mom was in charge of cooking the turkey, and she put it in for way less time than it should have needed. When we want to carve it, it was clearly not done, so I used a thermometer to check the turkey. This was apparently a personal affront, and I had clearly gotten it out to demonstrate that my mom was an awful cook."

"This Is A Tried-And-True Tactic For Me": People Are Sharing Their Best Practical And Money-Saving Tips For Cooking Satisfying Meals On A Budget

"I always keep my freezer stocked with a few reliable staples for when I don't feel like cooking. Generally, I have things like frozen broccoli to bulk up a box of mac 'n' cheese, fish sticks to make crispy fish tacos, and frozen shrimp to toss onto salad."

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