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    29 Pushy, Entitled Influencers Who Really Thought They Deserved Special Treatment

    "It's cool, though. I won't expose your artwork to a few hundred more people, lol."

    1. This blogger who was actually the one being passive-aggressive:

    Screenshot of a Facebook message
    Screenshot from Messenger
    Screenshot from Messenger

    2. This influencer who really thought they flexed:

    Text screenshots

    3. This influencer couple who MUST be joking, right?:

    "Please get in touch Thanks xxx"

    4. This influencer who is totally selective and not at all scamming people:

    Screenshot of direct messages
    Screenshot of direct messages

    5. This influencer who acted like they were cutting a good deal:

    Screenshot of text messages

    6. This influencer who straight-up said they're a nightmare to work for:

    "Please only apply if you can manage your transport daily."

    7. This influencer who begged for a free flight:

    Screenshot of a post

    8. This influencer who wants a sponsored vacation:

    Screenshot of an influencer's Instagram story

    9. This influencer who wanted a free puppy:

    "You guys will need to sponsor me a puppy of my choice"

    10. This influencer who wanted to get the police involved:

    "I'm going to report you to Instagram to get your fake business shutdown and get the police investigating this matter...."

    11. This influencer who immediately gave up:

    "I don't want them anymore."

    12. This whiny wedding influencer:

    The influencer asks a musician to write a song and perform an hourlong set at their wedding, but says they won't be paying and will do promo social media posts instead
    The musician says they'd rather have the money, the influencer says the wedding will be full of other influencers, and the musician says great, more people who won't pay me

    13. This influencer who had an empanada-related tantrum:

    "YouTuber's Channel Banned After Viral Tantrum Over $2 Empanada Enrages Spain"

    14. This influencer who gave this restaurant a "pizza" their mind:

    "Never going back to try their pizza, not worth it."

    15. This influencer who tried to get petty "payback":

    The influencer asks to get $100 off their order and they'll take video of the food being made and post it to their Instagram page
    When the business rejects the offer, the influencer responds by mentioning the business in their Instagram story with insults about their food

    16. This urgent, upfront influencer:

    "After that I can get started right away on it."
    "No, sorry, I can't sacrifice my integrity for exposure."

    17. This influencer who messed with the wrong mom:

    Screenshot of a message exchange

    18. This influencer just shooting their shot:

    "if i tell my friends about them can you send them to me for free?"

    19. This influencer who reallyyy thought people would take her side:

    Screenshot of text messages
    Screenshot of text messages

    20. This influencer who, surely, could afford to pay their intern:

    "may the odds be ever in your favor"

    21. This Bachelorette contestant/influencer who wants free rent:

    "If this is something you would like to discuss further, please let me know!"

    22. This eBay influencer:

    "I will only do it if you give me it for free."

    23. This influencer who really wanted a meal:

    Screenshot of a message

    24. This influencer who was on the hunt for free styling:

    "pls share This"

    25. This influencer who swooped in and dropped their rates:

    Screenshot of messages

    26. This influencer who reallyyy wants a drone:

    "So I should pay you $300. I cant pay you 300$ that crazy. Just for get it"

    27. This influencer who will totally try and pay you later:

    "I'm not able to pay but looking to work together as a team..."

    28. This "huge social media influencer":

    "Hey, I am a huge social media influencer, would you be able to give me a really good discount or make a profile picture and banner for free for a shoutout on my youtube channels?"

    29. Finally, this influencer who at least admitted they just want a free product:

    "And I just want a product for you for free"

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