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22 People Who Were Nothing But Rude And Entitled In 2022

"I need 1,000 people on Facebook to donate $20 each so I can make a downpayment on a house."

1. These people who will pay you $10 to touch a ton of goose poop:

"We need someone to clean up the goose droppings at our private lake front park."

2. This complicated customer:

"I don't want a store credit I just want my card payed"

3. This person renting out their BATHROOM:

"This might seem a bit odd but please remember the rent is $400 and the bathroom is large."

4. This sassy customer:

"I mean do it for your customers"

5. This person in search of a tax break:

"Can trade out light construction work or EBT card."

6. This person who faked their own death rather than spend $15:

"They wanted to say that they really liked your art. Can you draw them as a funeral gift."

7. This honeymooner looking for a handout:

"I will say I'm slightly disappointed in the participants of my honeymoon wishes website."

8. This hopeful homeowner:

"do u think I could get 1000 people to donate $20 for the cause ... please leave a comment"

9. This terrible party guest:

"I don't drink dr.Thunder"

10. This couple who seems to think their wedding will be the talk of the town:

"I'd pay for florals & setups, and just charge each photographer a small rate to shoot!"

11. This lovely landlord:

"No negative comments thanks."

12. This person with quite the wishlist:

"7). 10 oz jar of mayonnaise (need for my little one's eczema)

13. This car shopper:

"does anyone have an extra suv they don't need anymore..."

14. This person who will pay rent by offering you some free yoga sessions:

"would It be possible to post this on your story and help me find a place"

15. This ketchup critic:

"What I'm saying is we're living in the stupidest timeline in history."

16. This overbearing boss who expects a lot for $2.13 a freakin' hour:

"Pay: $2.13 per hour"

17. This babysitter's dream:

"If you're not interested than DONT comment"

18. This person who should just go to Great Clips:

"I would watch some YouTube videos and learn how to do it yourself."

19. This underpaying parent:

"$25 is DEFINITELY unreasonable. Essentially charity work at this point."

20. This property owner with some wild expectations:

"No vistors and no overnight stay by anyone else. Back ground check will be performed."

21. This person who posted quite the shopping list on Facebook:

"Many thanks in advance!!"

22. Finally, this uncle who will not let his Halloween be ruined:

"Thank you for your cooperation, looking forward to big candy this year."

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