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    30 Kitchen Products From Wayfair You Won't Even Have To Think Twice About Buying

    Whether you're perfecting your cuisine game or putting the final touches on the laziest of basics, you won't believe you ever lived without these items.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An above-sink dish dying rack, because you're done with those rickety folding dryers that sit on moldy mat — yikes! Grab this and change your whole countertop vibe.

    2. A pair of woodland themed salt and pepper shakers, to lend a little style to your deer-est dining occasions.

    the salt and pepper shakers

    3. A clean, contemporary kitchen shelving unit that can store up to 176 pounds of cookbooks, pots or pans, microwaves or other appliances with its five shelves, pull-out wire basket and S-shaped hooks for your fluffiest kitchen towels.

    the clean contemporary kitchen shelving unit

    4. A 16-piece earthenware dinnerware set to bring your mealtime gatherings to the next level with coordinated, wabi sabi-style plates, salad plates, mugs, and dessert bowls.

    the  dinnerware

    5. A handheld milk frother, because your homemade latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or hot chocolate deserves the richest, creamiest froth, made in just seconds.

    the handheld milk frother

    6. A retro-styled freezer, since this little fridge packs some big aesthetic punch along with rating as a convenient user favorite.

    7. A Le Creuset enamel on steel kettle, because it'll prep water for anything from French press coffee, to oatmeal, to tea and a whole slew of other cozy stuff. Plus, it'll bring a burst of color to your kitchenscape — you'll never want to store this away.

    the enamel on steel kettle

    8. A handcrafted wooden lazy Susan so you can make a unique design statement AND not have to reach all the way across the table to get the salt shaker.

    9. A vintage-inspired porcelain backsplash tile that will take your kitchen styling up a notch, but can also be applied just as prettily to floors, walls and countertops (or even fireplace surrounds, if you're lucky enough to live in a place with one).

    10. A programmable slow cooker so you can cook around your schedule and your cooking preferences. You can even use two different heat settings and time durations in one cooking cycle, so your wildly mouthwatering stew will be all the more tender when you're ready to feast.

    the slow cooker

    11. A pull-down spring kitchen faucet to ramp up your spray mobility — yes, it will make scrubbing the casserole pan 1,000 times easier — and cut way down on faucet splash-back.

    12. An 11-piece copperwear-look aluminum cookware set because it's durable, it'll optimize heat distribution, and each item is specially shaped for the best moisture circulation. And the silicone-handled tempered glass lids have stainless-steel rims, so you can keep an eye on whatever you're cooking without letting precious flavor escape!

    13. A six-piece glass casserole baking dish set so you can thoroughly heat your food from all sides before you serve it directly to drooling companions (or yourself) and then stash your leftovers in the same vessels you used to cook them.

    the  6 piece glass casserole baking dish set

    14. A basic-yet-essential six-piece utensil set to flip, stir, ladle and strain your world-class recipes, without breaking the bank on tools or having to worry about handling precious items with kid gloves (and yep, they're dishwasher safe)!

    the utensils

    15. A rustic-industrial stool and counter dining set, because who doesn't feel cool sitting on ultra-modern swivel stools? And the hand-distressed metal finish oozes so much industrial appeal that even when you're just eating a bowl of oatmeal, you will feel like you're having a chic foodie experience out on the town.

    16. A 16-piece set of swervy glassware set to shake up your drab hydration routine with its unique, dancerly silhouettes and smartly designed chip-resistant rims.

    the  swervy 16 piece assorted glassware set

    17. An indoor s'mores maker because there's no need to pretend this isn't the greatest innovation in the history of mankind. This safe system, which involves no open flames, means you'll be ready to rock on the s'mores front year round. So prepare to fend off droves of friends you never even knew you had.

    the smores maker

    18. A chrome steel finish rectangular pizzelle maker to crank out two heavenly pizelles at a time — while a steam guard protects your hands as you prep it all. Viva Italia and not burning your fingers!

    the rectangular pizzelle maker in chromed steel finish

    19. A set of slim airtight food containers that will help you maximize your counter space and keep your cherished grains (or other perishable foodstuffs) from getting stale. Plus, they're easy to pour from, even when they're full of your mighty granola bounty or what-have-you.

    the set of slim airtight cereal dispensers

    20. A 65-piece stainless-steel flatware set to visually unify your mealtime experiences and make sure that you're never short a fork when guests come over — not to mention, it'll prove once and for all that you are an honest-to-goodness adult with matching forks and knives, and not just secretly LARPING as one.

    the 65 piece stainless steel flatware set

    21. A farmhouse reclaimed pine china cabinet, because didn't Grandma have a point with all the display storage she had in her house (especially considering how cool all her kitchen swag was)?

    the cabinet

    22. A terra-cotta bread warmer and matching seagrass basket to bring fanfare and decadence to your fluffiest, toastiest carb experiences. The warmer will not only keep your fresh bread warm (obvs) — it will fill your stomping grounds with the irresistible smell of heated bread anytime you've got the good stuff handy.

    the basket and bread warmer

    23. A slide-out 30-jar spice rack that will revolutionize your cabinet or pantry storage, especially if you're the type to amass a LOT of seasonings. And glory be, the trays are removable and washable — so even if you spill a little turmeric (and who among us hasn't?) cleanup will be easy.

    the pull out spice rack

    24. A French country style six-bottle wall mounted wine rack to sass up your fine vintages (or boozeless bottled options) with handsome scrollwork details — or, when you're running dry, this clever showcase can also house rolled towels or napkins in a boutiqueworthy display.

    the wine rack

    25. A vibrantly lifelike faux peony blossom arrangement so you can maintain a garden-chic kitchen table or counter throughout the year. The power of a little floral pop next to, say, a croissant and cup of coffee, can never be underestimated.

    the vase with faux flowers

    26. A seven-piece bamboo coaster set and matching caddy to banish those hideous water rings on your otherwise pristine end tables in winsome rustic style.

    the 7 piece bamboo crafted coaster set and matching caddy

    27. A sophisticated linen-blend hemstitched table runner, because the runner is the easy-breezy alternative to a full tablecloth. Give it a try and you'll love being able to just wipe down the table surface around the runner after a meal at the table, instead of having to constantly launder it from diners' spills and crumbs.

    the  sophisticated linen textured hemstitched table runner

    28. A Sodastream soda maker to create some delicious (and cost saving!) sparkling water any time you want. Plus, it has a sleek design that will fit in with almost any decor. Is it weird to crush on a kitchen appliance?

    the soda stream

    29. A 14-piece knife set with self-sharpening slots that will help you get down to the nitty-gritty of precise prep work and showcase your cooking tools in a sturdy stained ash wood base.

    30. A four-piece set of buffalo check plaid cotton napkins to bring some old-time texture, substance and environmental sustainability to your mealtime mouth-dabbing and lap-protecting.

    the set of cabin style cotton napkins

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