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    A Cheating Husband Who Was Caught On Tinder, Weaponized Incompetence At Its Finest, And 11 Other Entitled Husbands Who Are Just Bad News

    These husbands have left me speechless — and not in a good way.

    1. This husband who "put the dishes away" (umm...weaponized incompetence?):

    2. This (ex-)husband who hasn't spoken to his former spouse in two years — but reached out just to get free access to Hulu:

    ex husband texting for the hulu password
    him getting annoyed that she doesn't have any other streaming except for netflix

    3. This cheap husband who wants free guitar lessons just because:

    4. This husband who shamed his wife for "lowering herself" by finding coupons in the trash in order to buy groceries for the kids:

    5. This cheating husband who was caught on Tinder:

    his match telling him that she will be telling on him and that he's a dumbass for trying to cheat

    6. This husband who got mad at his wife for making $100K for a book she wrote — all while she was a new mom and working a full-time job:

    7. This lazy husband who "did the laundry" and decided to throw the ENTIRE PACKAGE of detergent pods in the washing machine:

    a purex bag in the washer

    The result:

    the purex liquid in the bag

    8. This soon-to-be-ex-husband who's taking advantage of local food banks "just because he can" — when he can afford to buy groceries — and then ends up tossing most of the food when it goes bad:

    text messages showing a pantry full of bread and other items

    Exhibit A:

    multiple cans and bags of bread

    9. This husband who has a literal stash of empty wrappers:

    10. This super thoughtful husband who left his spouse some Oreos:

    11. This husband who thinks the pantry is a trash can:

    12. This husband who bought his wife some lovely gifts — and then returned them:

    13. And finally, this husband who was exposed on Facebook for cheating on his wife with their maid:

    facebook post saying not to use the maid service because they will send sexual messages and videos to your husband

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars, r/mildlyinfuriating, and r/trashy.