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    23 People Who Tried To Make A Nice Thanksgiving Dinner, But Something Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong

    I really wish I could unsee that octopus-stuffed turkey.

    1. This stuffed turkey that literally looks like it's vomiting:

    2. This pumpkin pie-pickle concoction that makes me want to cry:

    3. This turkey that got a liiiittle too much heat:

    4. This mold pie:

    5. This Spam turkey that I would never want to see on my table:

    6. This SpaghettiOs jello:

    7. This vintage Thanksgiving recipe that doesn't need to be brought back in 2022:

    8. These mashed potatoes:

    9. These awful — but punny — side dishes:

    10. This 💩 cake:

    11. This deep-fried turkey gone wrong:

    12. These Thanksgiving dishes in the making:

    A stovetop with multiple dishes cooking

    13. These lazy deviled eggs:

    14. This very, very unsettling turkey:

    15. This slightly over-baked pie:

    16. This ham fairy that looks like a creature from hell:

    17. This Thanksgiving Caesar salad — featuring bananas:

    18. This turkey that has been through a lot:

    19. This...stuffing?:

    20. This Thanksgiving taco that does NOT look very appetizing (but who knows, maybe it's genius):

    21. This NSFW main dish:

    22. This Thanksgiving cake that comes off threatening:

    A Thanksgiving cake

    23. And finally, this — sigh — octupus-stuffed, Cthulhu-inspired turkey.

    WELP. What do you think of these food fails? Do you have a hilariously bad Thanksgiving food fail of your own? Tell us about it (and share a photo!) in the comments below!

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn