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    61 Gifts That’ll Probably Make Everyone Say “Ooh” When They Get Unwrapped

    Congratulations: you are now the best gift-giver you know.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are tricky and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. Murder Most Puzzling, an illustrated collection of *20* different murder mysteries for the amateur sleuth in your life. Each case has a combination of image-based and story-based clues, so your giftee will really have to put their thinking cap on (might I suggest a Sherlock-style deerstalker?).

    The cover of the book

    Or an...actual murder mystery jigsaw puzzle! The box is disguised as a book (fancy!), and the full image is a secret until the puzzler completes the 500-piece jigsaw itself, *and* the image reveals clues to solve the murder mystery case!

    The box of the puzzle

    2. A 6-in-1 rose gold curling iron with interchangeable barrels with interchangeable barrels to create tons and tons and tons of different curl patterns and hairstyles. They range from a tapered wand (.35-.7 inches) to a 1.25 inch clamped curling iron so they can customize their look!

    3. A "Biscuits with the Boss" candle inspired by the *best* show on television, Ted Lasso. If you know someone who wishes they got a special shortbread delivery from Ted every morning, maybe this vanilla, butterscotch, and cookie-scented candle will do the trick.

    The pink tin with an illustration of the pink box Ted brings the cookies in

    4. A macrame hanging shelf so they can display the plants they struggle to keep alive... or their fave tchotchkes... or their prettiest beauty products... in the most stylish way possible.

    The wooden shelf hanging from white macrame and a tassel underneath

    5. Werewolf, a sneaky party game you need to order for your friend group ASAP — especially if you love the game Mafia. Everyone will get excited when this gets unwrapped, because now you have a sneaky + fun after-present activity!

    The card deck

    6. A faux fur blanket with two sides — one fleece, one furry — so they can customize their heat level while cuddling. Whether you know someone who freezes in the office but still wants something chic, an interior design-aspiring college student needing to spruce up their dorm, or just the most stylish dog alive, this is a great blanket.

    A reviewer's dog under the blanket, showing both sides

    7. A "Bake It Happen" gift box so you can gift your sweet tooth baker friend with The New Way To Cake (a cookbook from GBBO fave Benjamina Ebuehi!), gorgeous copper and wood measuring cups, and a cute but sturdy denim apron. Will they bake you something to say thank you? I think so!

    The gift box items

    8. A bubble tea AirPods case for a ~refreshing~ addition that'll help your headphones stand out in your bag so you can find them with ease — AND protect the case.

    The smiling boba cases

    9. An at-home putting green with three holes for practicing their short game so they don't leave the golf course in tears...again. But seriously, 10,000 5-star reviewers swear by this!

    The reviewer's oblong felt green mid-play

    10. The Shark Tank-famous Comfy, a wearable sweatshirt-blanket hybrid for the person you know who is always running cold. Microfiber fleece on the outside, sherpa fluff on the inside, a truly gigantic pocket (for snacks!!), an oversized hood, and a slouchier-than-slouchy fit...what more can they ask for?!

    A reviewer in the grey sweatshirt, which goes down to their knees

    11. A truly mini (and gorge) jewelry case for a ~flying first class~ feeling wherever they go. They'll feel fully accessorized without wasting space or weighing their bag down with heavy pieces.

    12. A Facetory sheet mask subscription box for the gift of relaxation and a little me time *AND* wow-I-didn't-know-my-skin-could-feel-this-good hydration.

    The set of seven sheet masks

    13. Double-wall insulated rocks glasses that'll look amazing sitting out on the bar cart, keep their drink cooler (or warmer, if they use 'em for coffee) longer, and DON'T SWEAT!

    The two glasses

    14. An Always Pan (psst: it's currently on sale!) designed to do the work of EIGHT pieces of regular old cookware. Whether your giftee is already great at cooking or seems to burn everything, this is a great (and pretty) addition to any kitchen, thanks to the nontoxic nonstick surface that makes for very easy cleanup.

    15. An electric crepe-maker to ensure the lightest, thinnest crepes outside of Paris. Whether they haven't been to the city of lights yet or go every year — or just are a big fan of Emily in Paris, this makes for a really thoughtful gift they'll actually use all the time.

    16. An Ooni outdoor pizza oven that can be heated with wood or charcoal to cook authentic (and need I say delicious?) 'za in just *60 seconds*. I've never been more jealous of people with backyards.

    The metal pizza oven with a cooked pizza being pulled out of it

    17. Music Listography, a twist on a journal that'll encourage users to create lists to document their favorite albums, concerts they wish they could travel back in time to, songs they think are about them (big Main Character energy), favorite movie documentaries, and so much more.

    The cover of the book

    18. A nonstick Avengers waffle maker for extra super breakfasts — but don't worry, the golden brown results will be much easier (and more pleasant) to chew than a vibranium shield.

    19. A set of personalized coasters featuring your favorite person's favorite snapshots (or maybe the most embarrassing ones you can find...hehe).

    A reviewer's coasters with photos inside with white borders to look like Polaroids

    20. Or a customized travel photo book you can fill with images from your *last* trip together — then the two of you can flip through and reminisce while you start to think about your next one.

    Six example books

    21. A Nutribullet with a full-size blender and two to-go blender cups for anyone who loves smoothies, hummus, soup, and other blended delicacies you don't need to make A TON of at a time — but hates using extra dishes. AKA every single person. Their old blender wishes it could.

    The blender set whipping up a smoothie

    22. A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives, because this'll really dress up your kitchen — and the bonus is they actually are really great knives too! Reviewers swear they're the best, sharpest knives — especially for the price.

    23. A whiskey-infusing kit to make their very own ~autumn old fashioned~ in the comfort of their own home and without having to follow a recipe or shop for special ingredients. The pouch is filled with dehydrated orange, pears, cranberries, and apples, plus granulated maple syrup and cinnamon for the perfect balance.

    The bag, with the pouch inside next to the cocktail

    24. A personal library kit librarians in the making, anyone with an ever-more-extensive collection of books, or for generous book-lenders who definitely want to get their novels back. Using that stamp is *so* satisfying.

    The kit

    25. An HP portable photo printer that'll print photos on-the-go for trendy photo-within-a-photo Instagrams or at home for easy wall décor.

    26. A Bearaby weighted blanket if they love their current one (or even have just been wanting to try one at all) but want something that won't overheat them — and one that's so cute, they'll want to keep it on display.

    The white cotton knit blanket on a sofa

    27. Drinking Like Ladies, a compilation of 75 cocktail recipes from today's leading women bartenders, for any feminist looking to get a little ~sloshed~.

    The cover: "75 modern cocktails from the world's leading femal bartender, includes toasts to extraordinary women in history"

    28. A Van Gogh coloring book they can fill out while watching the "Vincent and the Doctor" episode of Doctor Who — they'll have to be careful not to cry onto the book while watching, they won't want the artwork to smudge.

    The cover of the coloring book, in the style of one of his paintings

    29. A Sephora Favorites lip set for the makeup enthusiast in your life. This gifting-ready kit (valued at $125!!) has seven mini, deluxe mini, and full-size lip products from cult-fave brands like Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury, and Rare Beauty.

    30. A set of jumbo fizzy aromatherapy bath bombs to moisturize any bath-lover's skin and make their next soak a little more spa-like. Ahhhh, relaxation in a steamy tub o' good smells. What a way to spend an evening!

    31. A cheerfully bright crewneck sweater in a beyond-fuzzy fabric (seriously, Aerie says you have to "feel it to believe it") that'll make a Grinch smile spread over the face of anyone who runs their hands over it. It's just *that* cozy.

    A model in the bright leaf green sweater

    32. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, a speedy (and hilarious) card game that'll have everyone racing to beat each other to slap the cards while giggling all the way.

    33. An Old Hollywood–style LED light-up mirror with three different settings (cool white, warm white, and neutral) and a built-in tray to store go-to beauty tools. The beauty lover in your life will thank you eeeevery time they use it (aka every single day!).

    A model applying lipstick in the white mirror

    34. An electric wine opener that'll open a bottle in seconds while they just stand there and watch, seriously reducing the amount of time they have to wait before having a glass of wine.

    A graphic showing the foil-removing cap, and how the cork is removed

    35. A pearl fringe(!!) headband that made me go full 😍😍😍 when I saw it, and I know will make your hair accessory enthusiast friend do the same when they unwrap it.

    A model in the headband with pearls hanging down their forehead

    36. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, a volume filled with delicious dishes like treacle tart (Harry's favorite, duh!), Kreacher's French onion soup, and Mrs. Weasley's mince pies – all with the scenes that inspired them.

    37. A doggone cute Christmas sweatshirt they'll unwrap and *immediately* wear the whole rest of the day. I mean... who wouldn't??

    A model in the white crewneck with "dachshund through the snow" in cross-stitch style text and a dachshund in a red scarf

    38. A minimalist filtering bottle for making refreshing cold-brewed tea anywhere they go — it also just happens to be gorgeous.

    39. A Star Wars-themed coding kit to teach young'uns (recommended for ages 6–900, like Yoda) how to build a sensor that responds to their movements — and use The Force of course!

    40. A Hydrow rowing machine with a 22-inch touchscreen and speakers for an ~immersive~ at-home rowing experience that'll make them feel like they're...actually on a body of water. There are also guided workouts (some led by actual Olympians) — basically it's the Peloton of rowing.

    A model using the rower and looking at the immersive screen