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    18 Wild Things Younger Siblings Believed Just Because Their Older Sibling Told Them It Was True

    "My sister told me gum wrappers would dissolve in your mouth and were meant to be chewed along with the gum."

    If you're a younger sibling, you probably spent a lot of time looking up to your older sibling. If you're an older sibling, no shame, but you more than likely took advantage of that fact.

    Two siblings smile together

    Recently, some younger siblings of the BuzzFeed Community shared some of the wildest things they believed because an older sibling told them it was true. Here are a few extra additions, plus a few more from some crafty older siblings.

    1. "When we first got our family dog, I was only 7 years old, and my older brother was 17. To 7-year-old me, my dog 'didn’t blink enough.' So, my brother convinced me that she was blinking when I was blinking. I had staring contests with the dog for at least two weeks before our parents told me to stop bothering the poor girl."


    2. "My older brother told my youngest that my mother bought him from a cabbage farm in Texas while she and my dad were on a cross-country road trip."


    3. "I was told that I could fly if I really tried hard enough and that one way to do is to hold your breath because the air will make you lighter. I believed this worked because I’d hold my breath and get dizzy after holding it for so long. I didn’t know what dizzy or lightheaded meant, so I thought I was making progress with flying."


    4. "My older brother had one of those Zoobooks magazines in the '90s, and on the cover was a monitor lizard. He convinced 6-year-old me that they only ate children during the breeding season, which just happened to be taking place in our exact town in Tennessee THAT night! I called my dad in tears that I didn't want to be eaten. After a long phone call with my brother later, he figured out what the heck I was talking about, and my brother got in trouble. We still laugh about it."

    A monitor lizard

    5. "When my brother was 12 and I was 7, told me that I was an alien because I was the only one in the family with brown eyes and everyone else had green. I cried for a couple of hours until my mom made him apologize."


    6. "I told my younger sister that she was the spitting image of the Greek goddess of beauty 'Herpes,' and she went to school and told people all day that she looked like Herpes, and it wasn't until her final lesson of the day, where she told her music teacher who proceeded to tell her that Herpes wasn't the Greek goddess of beauty and then told her what Herpes actually is."


    7. "My mom is the youngest of six. Her three older brothers were 14, 16, and 19 when she was born. They convinced her their mother found her in a dumpster looking for food. She felt bad for her so she brought her home."

    Two dumpsters

    8. "I’m the oldest of three. My middle sister and I convinced our very gullible youngest sister that an alligator lived under her bed that was going to come out and eat her. Our dad ruined it, though. As she was freaking out, he told her that our yellow lab ate the alligator. She believed that, too. Thanks, Dad."


    9. "My brother was scrolling iFunny one day and saw an edited photo of Micheal Jackson in a Barney costume. He showed me the photo and then proceeded to successfully convince me that Michael Jackson played Barney and they had to cancel the show when he died. I believed this until I was probably about 11-12 years old."


    10. "My sister told me gum wrappers would dissolve in your mouth and were meant to be chewed along with the gum. She also told me if I wrote on myself, the ink would seep into my skin and poison me."

    Gum inside a wrapper

    11. "My sister is six years older, and she had told me that my butt had a crack because my parents spanked me a lot. She also said that when water dripped from the trees after the rain that the trees were peeing."


    12. "My mom has an old picture frame carousel with black and white stock photos in them, and my older brother and sister convinced me that they were our old relatives. They told me the truth and asked what relatives they were when I was, like, 16. My mom laughed her ass off at me."


    13. "My sister told me that my favorite record album/movie was called Shitty Shitty Bang Bang (not Chitty), and when I would ask to listen to the record, I would get in trouble for cursing."


    14. "A good friend of mine in high school was 12 years older than his little sister and convinced her that to be polite you said, 'Bubba Smith' rather than 'please.'"


    15. "My brother is four years older than me, and when he was in second or third grade, his class took a field trip to a local dairy. He came home and told me where spinach came from. It was cow's poop! We wouldn't touch it for the longest time, and our mom was so bewildered. Then, I let her know that my brother found out where it comes from, and we would never eat it again! My mom looked at my brother and proclaimed, 'Are you nuts!?'"


    16. "My older brother told me I have to sleep with the closet door closed at night; otherwise, the little boy who lives in my closet will watch me while I sleep! I obviously know that’s not true now, but I still close my closet door out of habit!"


    17. "My sister would have us play Trading Spaces where we would clean and redesign each other's room. I would genuinely put in the effort; my sister would sit in my room and watch TV."


    18. "I'm the middle child. Younger brother, older sister. We all tortured each other equally. I was a very sensitive child and tried to go vegetarian as early as age 7. My sister was four years older, and my brother was only one year younger than me. I was looking in the pantry one day, and my sister decided to tell me the 'artichoke hearts' were from cute little animals called artichokes. I remember questioning why our parents would buy such a thing. I was pretty young and didn't eat them anyway, but it took me well into adulthood to eat artichokes. I thoroughly enjoy them now but went years without them because of that."


    What's the wildest thing you believed because your sibling told you? Tell me in the comments!