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36 Pictures That Show How Extremely Wild The Snow Is In Buffalo, New York

We're talking over six feet of snow. I didn't even know that was possible.

1. In case you didn't know, parts of Buffalo, New York have gotten over six feet of snow (!!!!).

What 6’ of snow looks like #BuffaloNY #buffalosnow #buffalolakeeffect #Buffalo #LakeEffectSnow #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @weather_buffalo

2. That's over 70 inches of snow!!

77 INCHES of snow now reported in Orchard Park, NY. The lake effect snow band has shifted north, but this is still an insane amount for an event that is still not over.

Twitter: @Anthony_Macari

3. I'm used to seeing weather reports like this in inches, not in FEET.

Incredible snowfall totals coming in this morning from the deadly lake effect snow event in western NY. 66" in Orchard Park within 24 hours breaks the New York record for 24-hour snowfall... The national 24-hour snowfall record is 75.8 inches falling in Colorado in 1921. @WNYT

Twitter: @christinatalamo

4. The lake effect snow started on Friday, and it looked like a literal wall.

Twitter: @adamp26

5. And now, we're seeing pictures come out of Buffalo that are just straight up surreal looking.

Right down the road from the stadium & still projected 36 more inches in the next 24 hours. Maybe it wise to push the game ? #GoBills #BillsMafia #Snowmageddon #BuffaloStorm2022 #beon2 @WGRZ

Twitter: @salerno101

6. It's just mountains of snow.

@shannongunz this is outside my moms dining room window. 🤣

Twitter: @WhiskeyBuffalo

7. Cars look like small hills.

‼️UPDATE: from #Hamburg. My friend’s brother, Dave Culligan, took these moments ago. 47” of snow and counting. #LakeEffectSnow #Buffalo #snow #nywx

Twitter: @ChrisGloninger

8. People are running out of window space.

slowly running out of window space #buffalo #BuffaloStorm2022 #buffalosnow #Buffalosnowstorm

Twitter: @EmDalmas

9. Like, this is someone's upstairs window.

The view from my brother’s UPSTAIRS window. That’s how much snow they have on the roof of their garage. #Buffalo

Twitter: @sarajohnsauce

10. The wildest videos are of people opening up their car garages.

Part 3 #snow #buffalo #orchardpark #crap Shut up about game moving

Twitter: @MaryinTheBuff

11. It's downright scary.

Approaching 6 feet of snow here in Hamburg! #BuffaloStorm2022 #BuffaloNY #Buffalo #buffalosnow #buffalolakeeffect #LakeEffectSnow

Twitter: @weather_buffalo

12. People are opening their doors only to be faced with walls of snow.

When I opened our side door this morning. Look what’s about ready to fall from our roof #BuffaloStorm2022 #Buffalo #BuffaloNY #SnOMG

Twitter: @PhotogKatherine

13. How is this even real?

@uSTADIUM It's bad by the stadium. Lake effect hits south of the city like 10x worse than north of the city. I can still see my grass in the northtowns but I've got friends in orchard park who got more than 4 feet who open their door to a wall of snow lol

Twitter: @emjay716

14. People are measuring the snow in *creative* ways.

Buffalo is getting some weather. 9 cans high and counting.

Twitter: @GeneseeBrewery

15. Beer cans being a popular one.

@LabattUSA Only measuring device(s) I need. #makeitstop #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @PhilThompson13

16. But my personal favorite is this person who measured it in dogs.

We had 3.5 Kirbys by about 2 pm… #LakeEffectSnow #BuffaloStorm2022 #buffalosnow

Twitter: @paul_bembia

17. Everything is just unrecognizable.

There's actually a car buried under this mountain of snow in Hamburg New York

Twitter: @kenp2069

18. People in Buffalo are comparing the 77" of snow to the height of football player Josh Allen.

Snow total in Orchard Park hit 77” as of this morning!! That’s as tall as Josh Allen😎 #GoBills #Snovember2022

Twitter: @evelynwoz2024

That's as tall as this large man.

Josh Allen throwing a football

19. Dogs have to use tunnels.

My dog like eff this 😂😂😂 #BuffaloStorm2022 @news4buffalo #BuffaloNY #buffalosnow

Twitter: @eustace225

20. People have to "find" their cars.

Found the cars! 🚗 #BuffaloStorm2022 #beon2 #SPECTRUM

Twitter: @celebratingcher

21. This person's fireplace is just a blob of white.

Our fire place- Thursday vs Friday #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @ReeReeNewYork

22. I don't even know how you begin to dig out from this.

@Rachel__Bush Proud of you 🥹🥰😌

Twitter: @J_poyer21

23. The snow literally towers over everything.

@Scott06686332 The big guys are out now! #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @i_kenz

24. It's a different world.

Twitter: @MarleeTuskesTV

25. "Wonder if we will get mail today?" this person asked.

Wonder if we will get mail today? #BuffaloNY #LakeEffectSnow #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @poodlewalker10

26. "The Gods have given us a plow!" this person celebrated.

A plow! The gods have given us a plow! #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @i_kenz

27. People are being buried by the stuff.

I don't think I can ever complain about doing a winter story again because of @AnthonyFarnell and cameraman Chris Dunseith. Anthony is at least 6'4.

Global Toronto/ Twitter: @AhmarSKhan

28. These pictures show how fast the snow fell.

snow mushroom update... #buffalo #buffalosnow #LakeEffectSnow #LetsGoBuffalo

Twitter: @n1temare74

29. 29 hours of snow!

29 hours in. Still snowing. I'm off to bed. See you in the morning! Stay safe! #BuffaloStorm2022

Twitter: @BrandonMSparks

30. Here's what it looks like on a playground.

For context, that’s a 4 foot metal fence surrounding this kids playground.

Twitter: @AnthonyFarnell

31. And here's what the Bills stadium looks like.

❄️ne Bills Drive. #GoBills | #BillsMafia

Twitter: @BuffaloBills

32. It's so bad that snow plows have to be rescued!

So the high lift is unable to pull out the Orchard Park plow. About 4 feet of snow. Video from friends.

Twitter: @BuffaloPadre

33. And the wildest part is that MORE snow is forecasted to fall.

My mom in Orchard Park, NY has gotten just a little bit of snow this weekend

Twitter: @WendyEWallace1

34. But still, don't underestimate the people of Buffalo. They're (somewhat) used to this.

Let’s go @BuffaloBills! #LakeEffectSnow #BuffaloStorm2022 #snow #snowvember #BuffaloNY #BuffaloBills

Twitter: @heartnickelcity

35. And I feel like the only way to end this post is with an obligatory...

The evening of 11/17/22 and then the morning of 11/18/22 in Hamburg, NY. Pics curtesy of my sister. #buffalosnow #BuffaloStorm2022 #Buffalo #Hamburg #LakeEffectSnow #Beforeandduring

Twitter: @Books_Lil_Loves

36. ...Go Bills!!

As much as I dislike the snow, the blue & red Buffalo Bills colored lights do look nice #GoBills #BuffaloStorm2022 #BillsMafia #BillsMafiaBabes @BuffaloBills #snow

Twitter: @celebratingcher