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    18 Times Men Were Very, Very Wrong About Women

    "A woman's vagina is molded to the man to whom she married."

    1. This man who really thinks he can tell a woman what her own job is:

    "software engineer and woman do not vibe"

    2. This man who thinks women, specifically "hot" ones, only take up hobbies, HOBBIES, once they've "given up on life":

    "They don't have hobbies until they basically give up on life."

    3. This father who is so wrong about, well...everything, I wouldn't even know where to start:

    "tampons are really for when they are in their later teens..."

    4. This man who doesn't understand basic biology:

    "If lesbians are born lesbians why do they still get their period if they weren't made for sperm?"

    5. This man who should maybe go outside for a little while:

    "If women were given absolute freedom, you'd just see them walking around naked wherever billionaires, sport stars, celebrities, etc. can be found."

    6. This nursing student who doesn't know what a urethra is:

    "so basically the men have to go through hell, but the females get to be pleasured"

    7. This man who can't even type the words "menstruation" or "period" — so, I'm sure he's 100% right, right? 🙄:

    "Normalise walking away form a sexless relationship."

    8. This guy who openly admits that he really doesn't know anything about women:

    "Batman could not have gotten this outta me."

    9. This very mistaken — and slut-shaming — man who thinks women get pregnant every three months:

    "Women can't find a good man but still manage to get pregnant every 3 months."

    10. This man who hypothesizes that wanting equal rights leads to diseases:

    "Feminists are more prone to developing these diseases"

    11. This guy who may be getting women confused with toddlers:

    "Pees pants when startled"

    12. This guy who thinks "women don't understand male sexual attraction" when in reality HE doesn't understand that women do not care in the slightest what he thinks of their hair:

    "Many women don't understand male sexual attraction."

    13. This misinformed guy who thinks breasts are sex organs:

    "Boobs only exist on women for sexual purposes."

    14. This guy who really thinks women are only looking for two traits in a man — and nothing else:

    "I'm 6'3 with tattoos"

    15. This man who's acting as if he works for the Pew Research Center and just polled women nationwide:

    "Feminism done finessed y'all and you hate to admit it."

    16. This husband and father who's really sexualizing his infant daughter:

    "I hate the idea of someones **** being forced in my baby girls face."

    17. This man who thinks all women start menopause in their 20s:

    "so he's 10 years old and his mom is still menstruating?"

    18. And finally, in one of the strangest things I've ever read, this man who talks about vaginas as if they're sentient beings:

    "when a woman has such control of her vagina muscles, can fool any man with regards to her faithfulness to him."

    H/T: r/NotHowGirlsWork