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    17 People Who Had The Audacity To Make Something That Had Nothing To Do With Them, Alllll About Them

    "I want my fiancé to get rid of his 5-year-old daughter!"

    1. This person who made another person's wholesome tweet all about their own misery:

    the reply to the sweet tweet says, what was the purpose of this post except to make me feel terrible about myself

    2. This person who decided to post a relaxing bath selfie after touring WWII concentration camps:

    person in the bath drinking merlot

    3. This braggart who couldn't just let this person enjoy their water slide:

    "i see your infatible and raise you a $50K in-ground pool and hot tub for my teenagers"

    4. This person who was so inconvenienced by the sound of a truck, they felt the need to write this one-star review...of a hospital:

    someone left a one star review because the delivery trucks at the hospital zoom by their apartment and make everything shake

    5. This ex-husband who saw two women that he doesn't know announce their marriage and took it as a personal attack:

    a man mad that two women announced their marriage to each other saying he's worried abou the direction of the world after his wife divorced him for a woman and it's not fair and he is changing his support for lqbtq

    6. This person who really thought traffic was a bigger issue than a person's life:

    "like no disrespect but can you jump from another bridge but i'm glad he's safe"

    7. This person who couldn't let a few restaurant workers have a day off in peace:

    someone in disbelief that a restaurant closed for the day

    8. This person that got mad when their babysitter realized she was getting taken advantage of:

    person saying that she paid her babysitter $100 a week for working 8 hours a day so why is her babysitter so ungrateful to take another job

    9. This person who failed to realize that a huge snow storm would most definitely affect trash collection:

    someone whining that the garbage trucks haven't picked up trash because theirs in piling up

    10. This future bride who wants to put her fiancé's five-year-old daughter up for adoption:

    "i want my fiance to get rid of his five year old"

    11. This neighbor who became obsessed with a car that had no effect on them whatsoever, and then, as a very appropriate response, called the cops 🙄:

    the text message exchange
    the police report saying that the car was not a hazard and could safely be parked on the side of the road

    12. This person who clearly doesn't know about Twitter's "translate" button:

    someone asking how they're supposed to read tweets if they're in german and the response saying to go learn another language

    13. This person who thought tennis > people's lives:

    fire truck sirens interrupting someone watching a tennis match

    14. This person who expected a luxury hotel experience...during a hurricane:

    person complaining that their room service got canceled because there was a hurricane

    15. This totally-missed-the-point person who saw that a middle school was in lockdown and thought it was the perfect opportunity to complain about kids having phones in school:

    "wow i had no idea kids were allowed phones while in school this is really ridiculous"

    16. This neighbor who's incredibly bothered by a...wait for it...tree:

    a neighbor's tree two houses down has upset someone so much that they've called the city to see if they could get it removed and yet called the other people entitled

    17. And finally, this person who not only made their friend's daughter's death about them, but also used it to promote their business:

    "cheer me up over a death of a friend's daughter by entering to win me these leggings"