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    Men Are Sharing Things They Wish Other Men Would Stop Doing, And I, For One, Am Totally On Board

    "I don’t want an exclusive chance to gain you as a mentor — I sat next to you in pre-algebra and know that the concept of math escapes you."

    Recently, Reddit user u/sinliciously posed the question, "Men of Reddit, what is something you wish other men would stop doing?"

    I don't think I was prepared for so many pee-related responses.

    But a lot of men did have some pretty insightful answers to the question. Here are some of their responses:

    1. "Stop approaching women in grocery store parking lots! At night! My girlfriend says that guys will try to talk to her and ask her out while she’s carrying groceries.

    She’s had to stop wearing headphones because guys will follow her trying to get her attention. Nobody taught me, a normal dude, how not to be creepy. Where the hell did you guys learn to do this??"


    2. "The unwarranted dick pics need to stop."


    3. "Being proud of being exploited by their job. Instead of being proud to have a good work/life balance, men are proud that they work long hours."


    4. "Not washing their hands after using public bathrooms."


    5. "I wish y’all would stop trying to be 'Mr. tough arrogant guy' when an attractive woman is in your presence."


    6. "Belittling another man for not liking an activity that is 'normal' for a man to do like watching sports, fishing, playing poker, etc."


    7. "Talking about women in the nastiest of ways. Chill the fuck out, bro. Yes, she was pretty cute; but I don't need to hear the inhumane shit you would do to her in bed."


    8. "Not respecting women’s space! My girlfriend often comes home from work saying how men keep touching her while she’s waiting tables, and it’s disgusting to hear."


    9. "Bragging about sex. I don’t need to know your personal business, and all of that bragging only helps reinforce the sexual double standards. It turns an experience into a conquest."


    10. "Stop hitting on other dudes' girlfriends. Some guys take it as a challenge, and it’s pretty fucked up."


    11. "Stop needing a woman to have a boyfriend or be another man's "property" for you to finally fuck off."


    12. "Joining MLMs and being really vague about what they do. I don’t want an exclusive chance to gain you as a mentor — I sat next to you in pre-algebra and know that the concept of math escapes you.

    Also stop renting luxury vehicles for a weekend and pretending you 'made it.' Maybe I’m just a hater but if your whole plan is to not just fake it till you make it, but to 'flex' till you make it, then I’m not interested in whatever opportunity you’re trying to sell me."


    13. "Aggressively approaching girls. No, she's not there for you. No, she's not available. No, she's not interested. No, she's not waiting for your thinly-veiled objectification 'compliment.'

    She's scared. And now I have to navigate a life where women are afraid of my presence half of the time. Every day we bite the bitter pill knowing that women absolutely require empowerment because this still flies. Your girlfriend thinks about things before she goes out that you don't ever have to think about. It's horrible. Boys will not be boys."


    14. "That thing where a girl turns you down so you suddenly call her an ugly bitch. It’s really not hard to NOT be a rude piece of shit, and it makes you sound pathetic. Have some respect, and imagine your grandmother can hear you."


    15. "Hitting on bartenders and waiters. The only reason they're as accommodating as they are is because they need to be in order to get paid and keep their jobs."


    16. "This is more of a 'happens in my area' thing, but men who openly use chewing tobacco and spit either on the ground or in an empty plastic water bottle. Just stop with that brown spit is all."


    17. "Acting overly 'manly' and not smiling, like chill, man, I’m not trying to pee on your territory."


    18. "This unspoken act of sizing one another up, like 'who is the more ~alpha~ guy?' (barf) It happens a lot. You can feel it in their body language, tone of voice, and implicit behaviours. It’s awkward and exhausting. Let me comfortably make my way through this space without all these pretenses and this social hierarchy bullshit please."


    19. "Stop teaching our sons that they're not supposed to have emotions. The result is a society of men who lack the tools to understand their own daily experience, go through cycles of depression and explosive release of unprocessed stress, and generally struggle to accept and process their and others' emotional experience."


    20. "Being afraid to open up to each other."


    21. "Over-using cologne. One spray on the chest is all you need. It’s not meant to be an abrasive calling card for an entire proximity to smell."


    22. "Insulting their friends to look cool in front of a girl."


    23. "Trying to 'teach' other men how to be an 'alpha male.' In college, I had 'friends' that had an 'I'll make a man out of you' kind of mindset. They literally tried to put me through misogynistic conditioning. Men like that think 'getting bitches' is the only goal in life and being toxic as hell is how to achieve it."


    24. And lastly, because I had to include at least one, "Peeing on the seat. You’re a grown man, lift the seat or sit if you can’t get all your piss dribbles in the hole."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    Do you agree with this list? Is anything missing? Sound off in the comments!