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    Satisfied Adults Are Sharing What They Surprisingly Started Enjoying As They Get Older, And My Millennial Ass Is On Board With Way Too Many Of These

    "As a kid, I always wondered why adults would do that. I get it now."

    Wine, men, and high-interest savings accounts are just a few of the things that get better with age. I'm always on the hunt for signs that getting older is good news, so I was hyped up when u/fgfy4454 asked adults, "What did you start liking the older you got?" And here are some of the things my millennial ass was wildly on board with:

    1. "Going to a friend's house for a couple of beers, or just staying in for the weekend, sounds so much more appealing now than going out clubbing."

    two bros drinking beer

    2. "Tea instead of coffee. I used to pound coffee. But now, it aggravates my reflux and generally upsets my stomach. A nice cup of earl grey tea with milk really does the trick."

    drinking tea and liking it (insert) florence pugh drinking coffee

    3. "Art museums. I used to think they were pretentious and boring growing up. Over time though, I thought about the process and the amount of effort it really takes for that kind of art to be displayed — a whole new perspective."

    two people staring at an art piece

    4. "Spending time alone with myself. I am very happy with my own company. I'm not a shut-in at all, but I certainly don't feel compelled to always be chasing social contact. A weekend with nothing to do and no social commitments sounds to me like a rare treat now!"


    5. "Olives. I freaking hated olives as a kid, and now they're like wildly addictive green snacks with garlic in them. Delicious."


    6. "Cleaning supplies."

    7. "Sitting outside and doing nothing. As a kid, I always wondered why adults would do that."


    "I live on a tiny little urban side street. It’s all 1920s cottages with big covered front porches, because it gets hot as hell here on summer evenings. In the summer, I spend hours a day sitting on my front porch doing nothing. I drink my coffee out there in the morning. I have my lunch out there. I have a beer after work. I take a nap on weekend afternoons. Half my neighbors are usually sitting outside in the evenings doing nothing as well. 

    love sitting outside and doing nothing."


    8. "Mustard. What a great condiment."

    9. "I used to hate sleeping up through high school because it kept me from doing things I wanted to do and made school come faster. Now I can't get enough of it."


    10. "Men with beards."

    chris evans

    11. "Quiet time. There’s something beautiful about just sitting in silence for a while."

    12. "Vegetables, and healthier food in general. It's like you can almost feel that HP boost after eating some greens. I’ve noticed more and more how my eating unhealthy leads to spikes and crashes."


    13. "Comfy, quality socks."


    14. "Thrifting. I used to be so embarrassed at the thought of being spotted by someone from school at the secondhand store with my mom. I remember wanting so badly to be like the other kids who obviously shopped at name-brand stores, and they'd make fun of kids like me who were 'poor.' It didn't help that my mom had a very outdated fashion sense, so I was at the mercy of whatever she picked out. Now shopping secondhand is huge and trendy."

    thrift shopping

    15. "I'm weirdly into vinegar now that I'm older. I absolutely hated pickles, olives, and vinegar chips as a kid. Now I am at the 'extra pickles and banana peppers, please' phase of my sandwich journey through life."


    16. "Reading. I’m dyslexic and had to take special reading classes in school, so I got bullied. Reading has always felt like a chore. Now that I’m graduated and out on my own, I actually like to enjoy the peace and quiet and dig through a book. It's nice to use my brain in that way for a little bit."

    17. "Having a routine and habits."


    18. "Scented candles. I used to avoid 'feminine' things because it's not 'manly' to have nice stuff. But a couple of months ago, I started lighting candles in my new apartment, and now I can't get enough from trying new scents. Currently my favorite is apple cinnamon."


    19. And finally, "Myself."

    taylor swift, taylor swift, and taylor swift in taylor swift's "anti-hero" music video

    What did you start enjoying as you got older? Let me know in the comments.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.