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    People Are Sharing Advice They Were Given Two Decades Ago That No Longer Checks Out Today, And I Bet Gen Z'ers Won't Get Half Of These

    "You know, you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket..."

    Look, if you were a young adult 20+ years ago, you probably remember that you were given some "solid" advice to help guide you through adulthood.

    But even though that "sound" advice worked years ago definitely doesn't mean it should still be given today, especially when technology has advanced and the workforce has drastically changed (you know, just to name a few examples).

    So, when user u/KarenTheManagah asked the Reddit community: "What was great advice 20 years ago, but definitely isn’t now?" I figured there had to be some really solid answers to share — and even though 20 years ago was 2002 (honestly, how??), a lot of people also provided answers like it was 1992 (because time doesn't exist).

    Here's what they had to say:

    1. "To look after your phone battery, you should let it go all the way down to 0% and then charge fully to 100%."

    someone charging their cellphone

    2. "I remember when my dad told me as a teenager to never be the one to pursue a guy (because I'm a woman). Maybe that was to keep me safe in my youth, but I've since come to realize that most of the dudes who are worth being with are either shy or oblivious, and I have no choice but to make the first move."

    two people on a date

    3. "My dad told me once, 'Son, you shouldn't schedule a single vacation day the first year of your job. It shows you're committed.'"

    a lounge chair on the beach

    4. "Only spend 1/3 of ONE paycheck on rent? I would be living in a cardboard box."

    a woman doing her finances

    5. "In high school, as part of one of my classes, they brought in a lady who worked in HR for a recruiting firm for a few days to teach us how to do résumés and cover letters. She told us even if a place has the option to apply online, always go in person and pick up an application — because no one takes online applications seriously."

    a person looking at a cover letter

    6. "Don't forget to print out your directions from MapQuest before you leave."

    a person looking at a map

    7. "You need to memorize this because you won't have the info accessible later."

    a woman on her ipad inside her home

    8. "You're searching for a soulmate on the internet? Lord, you must be insane."

    a person looking at a dating app

    9. "Stay at the same company for a very long period. Absolutely not. They show no loyalty or keep up with pay rises. If you want a pay increase and a promotion, it's best to swap companies every one to three years."

    two women working

    10. "Spending the whole day on the internet would never make you successful in life."

    a person on their laptop

    11. "Everyone needs a college degree. Trade school is absolutely the way to go for some people, myself included. And I did both."

    a college degree against their hat

    12. "20 years ago: Don't get in cars with strangers. Today: Get into the car with a stranger that you've summoned to your house using the internet."

    a person on their phone getting a car ride share

    13. "Stay away from the guy walking down the street having a full conversation with nobody. Now, it's just AirPods."

    a person holding their airpods

    14. "'You can rest when you are dead.' In my opinion, the 'grind' culture is harmful and leads to a lot of physical and mental illness. Stress-induced illnesses have never been as bad as they are right now. Burnouts have never been as high as they are now. Mental health is plummeting. I understand that in some countries you have no choice but to grind to survive, but in developed countries, I do not think society should encourage that mentality. Stress is a disease, and this society is sick."

    a woman burnt out in front of her computer

    15. "You won’t always have a calculator in your pocket!"

    a person using a calculator

    16. "That a good education would guarantee high-paying jobs."

    a person studying with a book

    17. "Buy that house!! Sure, it seems weird that you qualified for such a high home loan, but I'm sure they wouldn't offer it to you if you couldn't afford it."

    a person looking at a for sale sign

    18. "When you dial collect on the pay phone, just say where you are, what time you need a ride, then hang up so as not to get charged."

    a person using a payphone

    19. "The first dating recommendation I get from a man over 50 is to just approach a woman in the’s easy. Yeah, not taking that advice."

    an empty gym

    20. "'High school is some of the best years of your life.' Yeah, I might have believed that bullshit back then, but having lived an actual life between then and now, high school was nowhere near my best years!"

    an empty classroom

    21. "If your TV isn't working, try hitting it."

    a retro tv

    22. "Take your money, and put it in a high-interest savings account. Sure thing, should I be getting 0.5% interest or 0.8% interest on that?"

    a person putting a coin in a piggy bank

    23. "Cut out fats from your diet because they make you fat."


    Did someone give you advice over 20 years ago that simply would not work for today's world? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below.