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People Are Sharing The Child-Friendly Movies That Traumatized Them As Kids, And I Agree With Several Of Their Choices

"My mom desperately tried to convince me to stop watching The Land Before Time when I was little. I ended up being an absolute sobbing mess every time I watched it, but kept insisting that I wanted to watch it. My mom eventually just threw the tape away and told me it broke."

16 Of The Juciest Thanksgiving Mishaps, Arguments, And Scandals People Have Had The Displeasure Of Experiencing

"My mom was in charge of cooking the turkey, and she put it in for way less time than it should have needed. When we want to carve it, it was clearly not done, so I used a thermometer to check the turkey. This was apparently a personal affront, and I had clearly gotten it out to demonstrate that my mom was an awful cook."

A.J. Cook On "Criminal Minds: Evolution," Directing Her Sons, And The Props She Took Home With Her

"When we wrapped in Season 15, there were already rumors [of a reboot] kind of floating around. And everyone, all the cast, was obviously like a huge thumbs up. Of course, we would do it in a heartbeat. This is a dream. We kind of had an inkling that it was going to come together again at some point. I think the surprising part, for me, at least, is how quickly the reboot came together."

20 Verrrry Interesting Facts That Sent Me On Quite A Few Deep Dives This Week

Queen Elizabeth II refused to wear uncomfortable shoes, so her stylist, Angela Kelly, would first wear any new pair of shoes before the queen to break them in. The breaking-in period involved some very specific rules: Kelly was required to wear a pair of beige ankle socks and was only allowed to walk on carpet while preparing the shoes.

These 21 Facts From Presidential History Might Have You Seeing The White House In A Whole New Light

When George Washington was elected president in 1789, his teeth were in such bad shape that he only had one real tooth left in his entire mouth. He had a long history of dental issues and normally wore dentures, which were comprised of his own teeth that had been pulled, teeth he took from the slaves he owned, and animals. In 1796, he had his final tooth pulled and gave it to his dentist as a gift.

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