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“These Had A Chokehold On Almost Every Millennial”: Adults Desperately Miss These Nostalgic Discontinued Foods (And I Forgot All About Some Of Them)

If you remember the "Oh I wonder, wonder what's in a Wonder Ball" jingle, apparently the answer was: a choking hazard.

If you've ever wondered where all your favorite childhood snacks and drinks went, then you and I have a lot in common. Many of the foods, candies, and beverages that millennials grew up with definitely stood the test of time...but TBH, I think some of the best ones were discontinued (for dramatic or very low-key reasons) somewhere along the way.

These are just some of the items that I, a generally nostalgic '90s kid, am simply dying to get back – and I have a funny feeling that I'm not alone on many of these.

1. Wonder Ball

wonder ball in package with disney characters

2. Hi-C Ecto Cooler

slime monster from ghostbuster in hi c ecto cooler tv ad

3. Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars

philadelphia snack bars

4. PB Crisps

pb crisps

But back in 2017, Jim at Planters — who must be in charge of customer service or something — gave the people the intel they were looking for, sad as it may be:

@jonstefaniak @RealJoltCola @MrPeanut We appreciate the love for PB Crisps, unfortunately, there was not enough consumer demand for us to continue producing it. TY!

Twitter: @JimatPlanters

5. Creme Savers

creme savers bag

6. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

hubba bubba bubble jug

7. Jell-O Pudding Pops

jello pudding pops tv ad vintage

8. McSalad Shakers

three mcsalad shaker options: garden, chef, grilled chicken caesar

9. Orbitz

orbitz drinks with tiny bubbles inside of them

10. Yogos

a hoard of teenagers pile through the @KelloggsUS HQ, all chanting one thing. YOGOS YOGOS YOGOS YOGOS YOGOS YOGOS

Twitter: @xumaims

The yogurt-covered, fun-sized fruit snacks (that were the ultimate flex when packed in a school lunch) took the world by storm in 2005. Then, in 2010, they disappeared forever.

11. Keebler Magic Middles

chocolate fudge middle in keebler magic middles

12. Sprite Remix

sprite remix bottle

13. Hershey's Kissables

rainbox colored hershey's kissables

14. Rold Gold Honey Mustard Pretzels

bag of rold gold tiny twists honey mustard flavor

15. Hershey's Swoops

hershey's swoops pringle-shaped chocolates

16. Cheetos Twisted Puffs

cheetos twisted puffs

17. Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

ice breakers liquid ice package

18. Betty Crocker Warm Delights

betty crocker warm delights

19. McDonald's Snack Wraps

heidi klum pretending to bit into mcdonalds snack wraps

20. Flintstones Push-Ups

flintstones push up ice cream pops

21. Ouch! Bubble Gum

ouch bubble gum container

22. Cotton Candy Bubble Yum

screenshot from bubble yum tv ad

23. Bagel-fuls

bagelfuls package of cream cheese stuffed bagel sticks

24. Tato Skins

tato skins screenshot from a tv ad

25. Pizzarias Pizza Chips

pizzarias pizza flavored chips

26. Bug Pops

bug pops popsicles

27. Crystal Pepsi

clear crystal pepsi in a bottle

28. McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

mcdonald's fried apple pie

29. Taco Bell's Caramel Apple Empanada

RIP caramel apple empanada, 2004-2019

30. Starburst Fruit Twists

starburst fruit twists package

31. Nestlé BonBons

picking up a nestle bon bon ice cream in tv ad

32. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

rice krispies treats cereal

33. Pizza Hut's Hershey Dunkers

pizza hut's hershey dunkers tv ad

34. Slice

slice cans in tv ad

35. Squeezits

squeez its juices package

36. Butterfinger BB's

butterfinger BBs packages

37. Reese's Bites

reese's bites

38. Kudos

kudos bars

39. Ritz Bits S'mores

ritz bits smores

40. Fruit String Thing

fruit string thing

41. Heinz EZ Squirt

heinz EZ squirt

42. Cheese Nips

cheese nips

43. Fruitopia

Twitter: @treylane

When Snapple exploded in popularity in the '90s, Coca-Cola wanted in. Thus, Fruitopia — their answer to the Snapple craze — was born. Their psychedelic advertising and roster of "groovy" flavors (we're talkin' Strawberry Passion Awareness and The Grape Beyond, folks) were enough to ignite it into mega-popularity, but it couldn't weather the storm of several strange speed bumps — including a lawsuit after allegedly bribing grocery stores to display more of it. Coca-Cola officially gave up on Fruitopia in 2003, but you can still find this fruity refreshment in a) Canada, or b) some McDonald's locations cleverly disguised as "Strawberry Minute-Maid."

44. Altoids Sours

altoids sours

What's your favorite discontinued food item ever? Or are there any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.