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11 People Who Had A Really Bad Week

A failtastic week.

Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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1. This prank!!!!

This probably one of the craziest pranks I ever seen lmaoo

Twitter: @BornAKang

2. This fall:

Buddy fell into hell and walked off like nothing happened 💀

@petty_zaddy / Twitter: @rahsh33m

3. This AMAs awkward moment, where Kelly Rowland had to tell audience members to stop booing Chris Brown:

Kelly Rowland said you ain't gonna cut me off Chris Brown needs his flowers

Twitter: @big_business_ / Via ABC

4. This bizarre editing approach:

A fan met Olivia Rodrigo yesterday and edited new hairstyles onto her in their photos together.

Twitter: @PopCrave

5. This incorrect trending topic:

#RIPJimmyFallon is currently trending despite the star being alive and well.

Twitter: @PopCrave / Via ABC

6. And this whole trending lineup:

It just gets worse and worse with each one

Twitter: @Swainsch

7. This terrifying display:

Twitter: @EwdatsGROSS

8. This pronunciation fail:

PBS / Via @lidolmix

9. This consistency correspondence:

Obsessed with this random man sending me these messages every few months💞

Twitter: @colynelliott

10. This comment:

Twitter: @aaronposting / Via Records / Alamy Stock Photo

11. This DM:

Twitter: @tragicbirdapp

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