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    18 Photos That Convinced Me Having A Boyfriend Is The Same As Having A Child

    Nothing more romantic than leaving behind a mountain of trash or nearly burning the house down. 😍

    1. This boyfriend who nearly burned down the house in the name of getting some shut-eye:

    Small burned balls of some kind on aluminum foil

    2. This boyfriend who put their partner in a pretty *crappy* situation:

    An empty toilet roll on the toilet paper holder

    3. This boyfriend who put these in the freezer and just went on his merry way:

    Exploded glass bottles in the freezer with contents messing up the freezer

    4. This boyfriend who "did the dishes," but at what cost:

    Dishes in the dish rack, multiple sponges on the side, and debris in the sink

    5. This boyfriend who folds his socks as if he's training to be a sailor:

    A pair of socks tied into a knot

    6. This boyfriend who decided he'd rather leave crumbs at the bottom of the bag than buy some new snacks:

    A large, empty snack bag except for a few crumbs at the bottom, with the caption, "My boyfriend's solution to me being mad that he finishes everything in the house without buying a replacement"

    7. This boyfriend who apparently thinks it's cute to constantly ghost his partner:

    Boyfriend texts "Hey" and then doesn't respond to a series of responses

    8. This boyfriend who saw the towel's built-in hanging ring and thought, I've got a better idea:

    A towel hung by the label rather than the hook

    9. This boyfriend who'd rather leave a giant mess than pick up after himself:

    A full wastebasket and empty beverage bottles lying all over the ground next to it

    10. This boyfriend who picked the most inconsiderate place on Earth to park:

    A pickup truck parked on the road at a stop sign

    11. This boyfriend who used the bathroom as their own personal ashtray:

    A roll of toilet paper with ash on the side of it

    12. This boyfriend who treats their car like a dumpster:

    Garbage all over the floor in front of a seat in the car

    13. This boyfriend who chose A KNIFE to open a can when there was a can opener just inches away:

    A can with the top hacked at, and a can opener right next to it, with the caption, "How my boyfriend opened a can of ravioli at midnight"

    14. This boyfriend who ruined the table's paint job in one fell swoop:

    Marks all over a wooden table surface after the boyfriend blew out a full candle

    15. This boyfriend who really should attend a basic cooking class:

    Whole peppercorns added generously to a dish because, boyfriend said, they were "out of pepper"

    16. This boyfriend who made the grossest excuse ever for not washing his cup 🀒:

    Boyfriend's cloudy glass of water with food debris on the side because he doesn't wash it between drinks, since "it all mixes in his stomach anyway"

    17. This boyfriend who was SO CLOSE to doing a nice thing:

    Boyfriend bought them their favorite candy and then ate all of it except for one piece

    18. And this boyfriend who puts food in the pantry like an absolute heathen:

    A cupboard with cans, boxes, and other food packages on their sides

    H/T: mildlyinfuriating.