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    18 Good Things From This Week That Everyone — And I Mean EEEEEEVERYONE — Should Know About

    *adds "Fried Chicken" to puppy name list*

    Really good things that happened this week

    1. This week, we were introduced to the latest doggy fashion trend 😌:

    Twitter: @curtisthatsnow_

    2. This dad gave his cat a lil' home reno!!!!!!!!!!

    My dad bought an old tv and gutted it to turn it into a cat bed 😭🥺

    Twitter: @biggestweiner

    3. This partner planned the *PERFECT* anniversary gift!!! 🥺💕💕

    Shoes being stretched

    4. The world met Fried Chicken, certified Office Dog™:

    A dog named Fried Chicken

    5. This corgi dabbled in some light cannibalism:

    Twitter: @PAVGOD

    6. The shopping experience was absolutely REVOLUTIONIZED!!!!!!!!!!

    I see the future here and it's not digital.

    Twitter: @aliceatlin

    7. This lil' weenie bb gave us The Eyes™!!!!!!!!

    This is Poppy. She's feeling lonely down here by herself. Wonders if you'd come sit on the floor with her for a bit. 12/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    8. This video of ✨crowboarding✨ went viral!!!!!!

    This crow snowboarding on the roof of a building using a jar lid

    Twitter: @gunsnrosesgirl3

    9. This tiny lil' bean enjoyed their built-in bed!!!!!

    mi perrito no merece menos que esto ♥️

    Twitter: @Gordito_Perrito

    10. This quokka broke THE CARDINAL RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @mywheelhouseftw

    11. This kitterini gave us a full folding demonstration:

    Twitter: @buitengebieden

    12. We got an instant time lapse right before our VERY EYES!!!!!!!

    Time lapse of a dog getting older

    13. This wife had her priorities straight as an arrow, baby:

    I asked my wife if she had any plans tonight and

    Twitter: @KimBhasin

    14. These wee kitters yinged and yanged like the best of 'em!!!!!

    Two kittens in a pot

    15. This pup found solace hiding amongst their doppelgänger shag rug:

    A dog sitting on a rug

    16. The good people of Rhodes in Greece made sure all the cats were cared for!!! 💕

    Cats sitting on a carpet

    17. This cat revealed a sexy lil' ✨leg✨:

    A cat leg sticking out of their house

    18. And lastly, these dogs evolved a liiiiiiiiittle too much.......???

    These Dogs done started acting like humans 😂😂😂

    Twitter: @imthedondon