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    People Are Sharing The Wildest, Coolest, And Weirdest Things They’ve Found In School Yearbooks, And Wow, Wow, WOW

    *cue "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day*

    1. This school for the blind's physical yearbook with everything written in Braille and face molds that students can touch:

    Yearbook for a school for the blind

    2. This "scool's" yearbook:

    A "scool" yearbook

    3. These school pictures that will forever commemorate the joys of online learning 😌:

    Yearbook photos without photos

    4. And speaking of 2020, this school paid a tribute to their athletic season:

    Photos of sports fields without players

    5. This yearbook that made ample use of its margin:

    Big margins on a yearbook page

    6. This heartwarming note from this guy to his future wife 😍😍:

    "I'm not going to pretend like I care: fuck you"

    7. This democratic band ranking circa 2001:

    A list of bands in a yearbook

    8. This advisor with an unfortunately mockable name:

    Mr. Coke, head

    9. These two 💕:

    Bailey Austin next to Austin Bailey

    10. This yearbook that included a picture of Michael Scott as some sort of Easter egg, I suppose:

    Michael Scott in a yearbook

    11. This yearbook that serves as a pressed flower time capsule:

    Pressed flowers in a yearbook

    12. These students' last names that are German, I think?

    jpg as a last name

    13. This page of polls that is, to quote this person's mom, "so stupid":

    "This page is so stupid!"

    14. This "congratulations" ad that said all there was to say and more, I fear:

    "You have crushed your enemies and seen them driven before you!"

    15. This hidden gem:

    Gum taped into a yearbook

    16. And lastly, this principal's quote that perfectly sums up principaling:

    "This is not the mall."