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    People Are Sharing What They Order At Bars When They're Out But Don't Wanna Drink, And Now I Need To Try All These Alcohol-Free Concoctions

    Not to mention your tab will be cut IN 👏 HALF. 👏

    Do you not drink, but still like a lil' sumthin'-sumthin' in your glass (besides, like, water) at parties and events?

    Well recently, Reddit user u/SolitaryTeaParty posted in r/AskReddit, asking: "People who don’t drink alcohol, what’s your favorite mocktail or other drink of choice at formal events?" I figured with the holidays coming up — aka a very booze-heavy time of the year — it might be good for us nondrinkers to share our favorite NA concoctions that are simple enough to make/order just about anywhere!

    Here are some of the non-alcoholic drinks that people recommended:

    1. "The 'Shirley Temple' — Sprite, grenadine, and maraschino cherries — is a gold standard mocktail."


    2. "Ginger ale, some crushed mint, and a wedge of lime = a fairly decent 'Nojito' (virgin mojito)."


    3. "Ginger ale with orange juice and a little 'spritz' of lemon juice."


    4. "Apfelschorle is the national non-alcoholic drink of Germany. It's a mixture of apple juice and club soda (not seltzer; the minerals are important). I do two or three parts juice to one part soda, but some people do 1:1. It's less sweet than straight juice and the minerals in the soda give it a slightly savory taste. You can do it with any juice."


    5. "Tonic water with lime."


    6. "Pineapple juice and orange juice with a splash of grenadine."


    7. "Heineken Zero has been a blessing for me during social events. It’s funny because I NEVER liked beer, but once they removed the alcohol, I loved it!"


    8. "Ginger beer and grapefruit juice."


    9. "Ginger beer with lemon. You can also try mixing it with lime sour to make a virgin Moscow mule. It's also very tasty with pineapple juice!"


    10. "A 'Roy Rogers,' aka Coca Cola, a splash of grenadine, and maraschino cherries!"


    11. "Seltzer, a bit of cranberry juice, and two limes!"


    12. "Club soda and grenadine."


    13. "A mix of fresh lemonade and really sweet tea can't be beat. Arnold Palmers for life! Also, a splash of Sprite will give it a little kick."


    14. "I like 'cosmonauts,' which are essentially non-alcoholic cosmopolitans — cranberry juice and lime juice!"


    15. "Mango juice, smooth orange juice (the best you can find), lemonade, and lots of ice. Oh, and a little paper umbrella if you have one!"


    16. And lastly: "A non-alcoholic mimosa, aka orange juice and seltzer...not JUST orange juice!"


    For even MORE non-alcoholic options, check out these ✨fancy✨ mocktail recipes and these NA-specific brands that you can buy and keep on hand!

    What's your go-to alcohol-free drink when you're out? Let us know in the comments!!!