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    21 Wild Pictures Of Hotels, Motels, And Hostels That Are Somehow Living In The Year 3022

    *books a vacation and stays in hotel room the whole time*

    1. This hostel that dispenses hand soap like Parmesan:

    Powdered hand soap

    2. This hotel phone in Iceland that has a button that'll wake you up if there are northern lights!!!!!!!

    "Northern Lights Wake-Up"

    3. This hotel mirror that's heated so it won't steam up during a shower:

    A mirror that doesn't steam up

    4. This hostel that's made from repurposed concrete cylinders:

    Concrete cylinders repurposed as a house

    5. This hotel that has a very nice "Shower Beer" feature:

    Shower Beer

    6. This sign that says which languages the hotel employees speak:

    A sign listing the employees and what languages they speak

    7. This hotel bathroom that can close off two different doorways!!!

    A door that can close in two doorways

    8. This hotel room that comes with a complimentary phone!!!

    "Take me out. I am your free travel buddy."

    9. This hotel in Texas that has a Texas-shaped lazy river, naturally:

    A Texas-shaped lazy river

    10. This motel that has a jar for guests to keep their weed in:

    A jar for cannabis

    11. This hotel that casts its room numbers in ✨shadows✨:

    A room number in shadows

    12. This hostel that's actually a converted Boeing 737!!!

    A plane converted into a hostel

    13. This hotel bathtub that fills up from the ceiling:

    A bathtub at the foot of the bed

    14. This hotel that keeps its fire evacuation plans on ground level so you can see them even in smoke-filled hallways:

    Evacuation sign

    15. This hotel shower that features a cute lil' cutout so you can turn it on before hoppin' in:

    A glass cutout so you can turn the shower on without stepping inside

    16. This hotel room's shower shelf that's accessible from both inside and outside of the shower:

    A shower

    17. This hotel that used to be a train station and remains, to this day, complete with trains:

    A hotel that used to be a train station

    18. This bottle opener conveniently placed by some TP:

    A bottle opener on the wall

    19. This hotel that has a "special guest," aka a Monitor Lizard™ 😌:

    A monitor lizard

    20. This hotel shower that's designed to look like a swimming pool!!!

    A shower designed like a swimming pool

    21. And lastly, this hotel packing checklist that not only suggests stealing the toiletries, but INSISTS upon it!!!!!!!

    "Steal the toiletries"