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    24 Graphic Design Fails That Are So Bad, They're Literally Just That: GRAPHIC

    WARNING: This post may contain Clip Art.

    1. This anatomically correct mural:

    A mural on a wall

    2. This sign that would make any houseguest feel wbeleusuve 💕:

    A welcome sign

    3. These slightly mixed signals:

    Green and red check marks on a sign

    4. This ✨priceless✨ souvenir from the Big Apple!!!!!!!!

    New York spelled incorrectly on a mug

    5. This one that I'm really going to need you to sound off on in the comments because I, for one, can't solve this:

    A poster on a wall

    6. This graph that was made by a kid on the yearbook committee, so we'll show them a liiiiiiiittle forgiveness:

    Graph from a yearbook

    7. This definitive proof that coffee and donuts go together like two puzzle pieces that don't fit together in the slightest 😌:

    Coffee and donuts "they just go together"

    8. These Italian pee 🤌 pee 🤌 sheets:

    Sheets with a giant wet stain

    9. Hoe ❤️:


    10. Like???????

    "We were was born the world you were I was born"

    11. This very nice sticker wishing everyone a Wednesday 😌:

    "Quiet have a Wednesday"

    12. This country-confused card:

    A card that says Italy but has the Eiffel Tower on it

    13. BE 👏 UNA 👏 POLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    "Be Una Polo Geti Cally You"

    14. This thirth floor:

    "What floor am I on?"

    15. This ice cream graphic that elicits a slight eyebrow raise:

    Ice cream with a bite taking out of it

    16. This missed opportunity re: some low-hanging fruit:

    Mug that says "Love"

    17. This poster that's just become my new morning mantra, I fear:

    "Be Who Yourself Choose to Be"

    18. This plastic surgeon's simply ✨blasphemous✨ logo:

    A logo with a knife in front of someone's mouth

    19. This confident proclamation!!!!!!!

    "I My Bike"

    20. This......quasi-gorilla of sorts...?

    "Lift Correctly"

    21. This instance of a designer thinking outside the box and most definitely not inside it:

    "Think outside the box"

    22. This spoon:

    A terribly Photoshopped spoon

    23. Like, really?

    "Home is where we are together"

    24. And finally, me:

    A ball with the crying face emoji