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    Tumblr Users Are Being As Cringe As Possible To Keep Out Twitter Trolls, And I Can't Believe It's Actually Working

    I swear to GOD, if Twitter users ruin Tumblr, too...

    With everything going on with Twitter, some people are looking for a new internet home. And some are even going back to their old Tumblr accounts.

    Twitter: @tumblr

    Tumblr is getting all dressed up for the occasion.

    But Twitter users making the transition aren't really sure how to use Tumblr.

    And frankly, the Tumblr users (like me) who stuck around on the site while everyone left for Twitter are kind of having fun without those people. And we're not sure if we want you back.

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    Tumblr is just different than other social media, and we want it to stay that way.

    While Twitter is talking about how to transition over to Tumblr, Tumblr is talking about how to keep the Twitter users out.

    Luckily, Tumblr crashed for a bit as people started coming back.

    Some Tumblr users are just getting ready to block any weirdos who follow them.

    Other people are getting a little creative with how they ward off new users.

    Then, everyone realized that the best way to keep Twitter users, brands, and celebrities out is to just be as 2012 cringe as possible.

    Not everyone is enjoying the cringe.

    But some are.

    And you guys? It's WORKING.

    On top of all of this going on, Tumblr introduced a paid blue checkmark system to both make fun of Twitter and also make some site revenue off of new users.

    "Important Blue Internet Checkmarks"

    You can stack your checkmarks, but sometimes, they turn into crabs.

    "Blue Internet Checkmark may turn into a bunch of crabs at any time"

    It doesn't even show up on mobile, so about half of Tumblr users didn't even realize this was happening. And the other half are bullying anyone who buys them.

    But it's always fun to flex on Twitter users.

    We just wish we could use them to fight each other.

    Anyway, don't come to Tumblr. Except for Lynda Carter. She can stay.

    Twitter: @RealLyndaCarter