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    I Thought Everyone Liked Birthday Cake But Here Are 30 Food Opinions That Have Genuinely Surprised Me

    "Mustard is the superior condiment."

    Not too long ago, we asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the unpopular opinions that they just had to get off their chests — and everyone sure had a lot to share!

    So much to share, in fact, that we've been left with no choice but to present you with ~even more~ unpopular opinions! But this time, we've narrowed it down to just polarising quips about food. Try not to clutch your pearls over a plate of pasta, cuz these 30 perspectives are just in good fun:

    1. "Eggs are weird. Eating a chicken, in general, is weird. That is all."


    2. "American pizza is gross and pumpkin pie is an abomination."


    3. "I think all condiments, like mayo, hot sauce, mustard, ketchup, etc, should not exist. If you just cook better it makes your food tastier."


    4. "Sometimes I feel like I'm the only adult who absolutely HATES coffee. It's gross to me and I don't get the appeal."


    5. "Noodles are kinda gross. I'm not a particularly picky eater but, there's just something about the texture that makes my body go 'nope that's not food, don't eat that.'"


    6. "Tacos are nasty, pasta is boring, and ranch dressing is gross."


    7. "Not all vegetarians want plant-based meat simulations. A lot more people than you may think are vegetarian because we hate the taste and texture of meat."


    8. "I think bananas are disgusting, overrated, and I don't understand their appeal in general. They're weird and stringy and I can't stand the way they smell. I enjoy a good smoothie but if there are bananas in it then, I'm out."


    9. "I find cheese to be completely overrated. It is not the 'food of the gods' that everyone makes it out to be."


    10. "Ketchup is terrible — it ruins fries and makes meatloaf suck."


    11. "Apple pie is disgusting! The filling is soggy, it tastes like sick, and the pastry is rock solid."


    12. "Chicken does not taste good no matter how it's prepared. The texture is horrible and the taste is vomit-inducing."


    13. "'Pumpkin Spice' coffee is horrible. Pumpkin has no place in a latte."


    14. "Mustard is the superior condiment."


    15. “I cannot stand cupcakes. It's like I’m about to have to stretch my jaw like a snake or wind up with icing all over my nose. Unless I lick off the icing first, and then people will accuse me of being childish.”


    16. "I think Cheetos are super duper ick."


    17. "Cottage cheese is completely disgusting."


    18. "I HATE birthday cake and 'birthday-cake-flavoured' items! The frosting tastes like lard mixed with Crisco mixed with ten pounds of sugar. Just thinking about it makes me queasy."


    19. "Listen, pie is better than cake."


    20. "Garlic and onions, in general, ruin every dish. They make everything stink and are ~everywhere~."


    21. "I'm just gonna say it, Nutella is overrated."


    22. "I absolutely hate ketchup — it's just tomatoes and sugar. That’s disgusting. I eat my fries with hot sauce, which makes much more sense to have with potatoes than a sugary tomato sauce."


    23. "Hot chocolate is disgusting and hyped up too much."


    24. "Hummus is a super overrated and bland dip. I don’t understand why anyone would have it as their dip of choice."


    25. "Gum is vile. It’s just a gross blob in your mouth for hours that you then snap and pop! Ugh."

    — Marjan602

    26. "Seafood is not good. Everything tastes like salt and how is something being 'fishy' appetising to anyone?"


    27. "In my opinion, a salty snack is always better than a sweet snack."


    28. "I don’t like waffle fries. They are thick, mushy, and taste gross. I posted this on Facebook once and got more responses back than when I posted that my wife was pregnant!"


    29. "I love salt. I put salt on ~everything~. It’s not hurting anyone."


    30. "Chocolate isn't good. It's hard to describe but chocolate desserts make me queasy if I take more than one bite; they're too rich and full."


    What other unpopular opinions can you just not keep in any longer? Feel free to let it all out in the comments!